Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

This past weekend was one of those fun weekends. The whole weekend was full of parties, family get togethers, a movie, and the feel of a holiday approaching. One of the best parts of the weekend was my mom getting tickets to Disney on Ice in Portland. USBank gave her 4 tickets (her and I and the kids went) and a free parking pass. We then got to sit in the USBank suite and watch an amazing show. When we got to the suite we had popcorn ready for us and cold pops in the fridge. We were the first ones in the box so we choose our seats. The kids had a ball and it was so fun to do something I have never done before. The show was really good and I love ice skating (not actually skating -I tried once and was horrid at it-but watching on tv). So it was fun to see that part of it.
Gotta have cotton candy!!!

I "borrowed" these pictures were from the a site on the internet, My camera has gone missing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday month

I think Red Robin has it right. The month of your birthday they put your free burger on your Red Robin Loyalty card. A whole month to celebrate your birthday. I like it.

This is my birthday month. Last week Ben called me and asked if I wanted to go to a Oregon Ducks football game. OF COURSE! A friend of his decided he didn’t want to go to the game and gifted us the tickets. AMAZING!! Wednesday, Ben and I went to town and bought me a new green and yellow jacket for the game. Start of my birthday month. Then Thursday Ben and I dropped our kids off at Grammy’s and headed South. It was such a great night. The game was a good one, the seats were GREAT and spending time with just Ben was wonderful. Best date in a long time.

Yesterday my mom and I spent the day shopping. Our tradition for Columbus Day, my birthday shopping day. It is so nice to get away with my mom and shop with no kids. Plus I always get a caramel apple. My favorite.

Tonight we are heading out for dinner.

I love when birthdays last for more then one day.

Friday, October 7, 2011

For you Danette

Well,my break from blogging is over. 5 months is all I got. My sister has asked me a few times if I would resume and I have given in. She and her family moved to Germany about 5 months ago and would like to see pictures and hear how our lives back in the USA are going.

At the new school my kids are going to they work on a character trait each month. September was knowledge. Today the school had an assembly and a few kids from each class were chosen that showed signs of this trait. Ethan got an award so myself, and Grammy and Papa-along with Zach, came to see him get his award.

Ethan is in the front row, black coat looking at My camera.