Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OUT in the USA

This seems to be out in the USA right now. But seriously keep checking as it has been in and out for a couple of weeks. I SHOULD have bought one more this morning when I posted the sale. I had it in my cart and then decided I needed to do it after I took the kids to school. Then I forgot! Would have made a good gift.

99.99 lego Set for 19.98!

There happens to be a Space Skull LEGO set on sale right now. It is normally $99.99! But you can get it now for $19.99! There is also a code out BSCD29 that allows you to get 5 off of 20! So if you add something small you can use it!

I bought one for Ethan, it will either be for his birthday or for Easter!

You can use the link above or go to http://shop.lego.com/Product/?p=10192

And hurry, this is discontinued and they have been having it in and out of stock since I bougt it last week.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I would love to be a travel agent. I think there might not be anything as cool as that. I am always trying to figure out our next vacation because I actually ENJOY the planning. We took Ben's parents to WDW (which I planned for 2 years) and we knew we wanted to take my parents on a vacation as well. My dad is not the Disney type so we decided on Yellowstone June 2010. Once my sister heard she also wanted to go with us. So I have been planning our trip the last few days. There is so much to see and really not enough time to see it all. We will have to go back sometime. So far we will be gone 9 nights but 2 will be the traveling there and home.

We don't want this to be expensive but the Yellowstone area is not known for being cheap. So I have spent a lot of time at different forums trying to figure out the best bang for our buck, while still getting the best Yellowstone experience. I think I have finally figured out where we stay. May 1 the places in Yellowstone park open for reservations for the following year. They fill up fast so I knew I needed to get this nailed down before the end of April. At this point we will stay 3 nights outside the North Entrance, 1 night in Cody (east of the East Entrance), 2 nights in the Old Faithful area and 1 night south of Yellowstone in the Jackson Hole area. This is all on the hope that I can get my wanted lodging, which I should since I am booking so far in advance. After our lodging is booked it will be trying to make sure we find the coolest things to do and best places to eat.

Really there is not much that makes me feel as good as planning a vacation.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

So it's Spring Break.

It's nice to be able to sleep in in the morning. Well, not really sleep in, but not get up and rush around to get kids to school. It's nice to take a nice slow day. But really spring break isn't what it used to be. :)

Yesterday we went through all the clothes in Alicia's closet. All her play clothes and all her good clothes and then clothes I put away for her that were to big at the time I bought them. It was nice to clean things out and to see what she will have for summer and what I may need to get. And then to see what she stills had awhile to grow into. It feels more like spring with spring clothes and colors in her closet!

I did the same with Ethan's closet today but it wasn't as much fun. I think girl clothes must just be more fun to play with.

Thursday Alicia will have her first slumber party. But other then that it is a pretty mellow spring break.

O, and I watched Twilight last night when Ben was at basketball. I was not nearly as impressed with the movie as I was the book. But it seems like books are always better them the movie.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Collin Robert

So I am an aunt again! It was a great morning with lots of excitement but I will just tell you that she had a 9 pound 21 inch little boy this morning and I got to hold him. He is beautiful. I think my son was in love as well. He wants to go back to the hospital to hold him again. O, and his face has cookie all over it. Grammy always brings "grandma" cookies from Costco to give out to the visitors. It is tradition, and one most kids look forward to.

I am so proud of both Rachel and Danny. It was probably not quite what they had imagined but they made it through and look good, in fact they look very happy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great sale on Twilight

I may be a little late but I thought I would let some of you Twilight fans know about the best deal out there right now on pre-ordering the DVD.

It is at Target where you get the DVD for 17.99 (saving 5.00) and you also get an ipod download of the film along with the normal great things that come with a DVD. :) It releases the 21 and should be hard to get your hands on if you want it.

Take a look !

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

there is a date~


My next nephew has a date to start his venture out of his mommy's body and into the cold waiting world.

I am going to have let you all know right now that us Wilson's are a weird bunch. When it comes to babies we like to be there for the whole thing. From minnute one until that darling baby comes out. I am not sure why, maybe because we love each other and we love to support each other.

Tomorrow night they will start to ready her body and hopefully sometime Friday afternoon/evening we will have a new baby around here. I had told Alicia that she could be there for the birth but she has a hot date with my mom. My mom is taking her shopping and having a sleep over with her Friday night. I am sad she is going to miss the excitement but I am so happy there will be a baby around. So now I am trying to figure out how I will deal with a little boy after preschool Friday and how we will handle this all if for some reason she has not had her baby by Saturday. Babys should not be born during tax season.

O, and by the way, it is SUNNY out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a new baby around these parts SOON

I am about to be an aunt again! My sister-n-law Rachel will have her baby boy any day now. I am excited, really really excited. When my last niece and nephews were born I was still able to have babies and during some of their births I WAS pregnant. Except for little Cameron and he was born when my miscarried baby would have been due. I think I may have distanced myself from his babyhood a bit. I was very excited for his birth, I mean I beat his mommy to the hospital, but there was a bit of sadness to it for me. Anyway, with this little one I know I will never have a baby again, not even a chance, so this special baby boy I am excited to touch and cuddle. This baby is a part of my family but a baby I can give back to his loving mommy and daddy. It is time for another baby around the Wilson's house.

Poor Rachel! I may exude too much excitedness for her baby. I thought she had a doctors appointment today and called her a few hours after I thought it was over. The appointment is tomorrow. So maybe I will call her again this time tomorrow. Poor Rachel, but it is only because I love her and Danny. And I am so excited to see them becoming parents. They will make great parents too!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

So the last week was busy. The school had their annual auction on Friday night. I had the privilege to work with some very talented ladies who put an amazing auction on. So Thursday I helped them set up (in the midst of trying to let my daughter feel loved on her birthday)and then Friday I helped blow up hundreds of balloons and do odd and ends. It was actually fun. But the most fun came that night at the auction.

Last year Ben and I wanted to buy a cow or half a cow and a piece of pottery at the oral auction. Pottery that is done every year by each classroom. We lost both last year and I was sad all year that I did not win. So this year we wanted to try again.

They did not do a cow this year. But they sold a 1/2 a pig. I was unsure if I wanted to go for the pig, we really wanted beef. But I couldn't contain myself and we did win that! WOOHOO.
Then it came to the 1st grade piece of pottery. I was prepared to pay any price this year and I only had to go to $400 before it was MINE! I am the proud owner of a cookie jar. Each student put their fingerprint on the jar and the lady at Create-A-Memory painted a picture that went with our theme, UP, UP, & AWAY! it is cute. Alicia's balloon is the red one. I am so happy to have this piece.

I also bought tickets for the trip to Hawaii. We lost that. Next was the drawing for the 50" television! I really wanted the TV to play Mario Kart with the four of us. :) They drew 5 names, those 5 people had to go up front and each were given a remote control to try their hand at turning off the TV! GUESS WHAT. I was one of the 5 pulled up front. I was so nervous, really excited! But I know I have very bad luck! I am thinking Ben should be up front. He has the luck! And guess what! I lost. :) O, well. At least I had a shot. I could have picked the right remote from the pile! O, well.

We ended up going home with a bunch of goodies. It was a good night and we had a lot of fun. So now we just wait for next year. We really do look forward to this every year. If any of you ever want to go just let me know and I can have an invitation sent to you. It really is a lot of fun. They do a silent auction, dinner and an oral auction, with drawings and fun in between it all. Next years theme is Route 66. Can't wait to see their plans for this!

10% off when using Southwest

I am reposting this post from January. I know there was interest and I didn't want some of you to forget. I am sorry Karen that you probably don't get to go to Disney this year. I am praying for your family and for Darian. It makes my heart ache when I think of their family.

blatant sell

So when we flew to Florida we flew home on Southwest. I bought tickets at a great price, I thought. About a month before our flight the prices dropped on the same flight. Southwest is great and allows us to rebook at the lower rate and then gives you a credit with them for the remainder that must be used within a year. The price dropped two more times after that. We ended up with a $270.00 credit! So Ben thought maybe we would take a trip this summer, he thinks maybe Vegas. But I would like to sell the credits (it's really really easy to use) and not spend more money on another trip. I would like to be saving money and not spending more. SOOOOOO, I figure if I sell the credits for $245.00 I make most of our money back and give someone a 10% discount. So if any of you plan to fly this summer, and plan to go on Southwest consider buying my credits and saving yourself some money!! :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my little girls 7th birthday. She was born exactly one week past her due date. It was a long day but O, so worth it. I remember not being able to sleep Monday night the 11th so I was on the computer ebaying for cute baby clothes. Then I realized I was having contractions. I finally decided to tell Ben and he wasn't so sure. :) We got up and ready and then called the family to let them know we were heading to the hospital. I ended up having my baby at 6:34 PM Tuesday March 12, 2002, 12 or so hours after we got to the hospital. My labor was normal for a first baby, not fun or easy But I really had a good time of it when it came to pushing. It was only about 30 minutes and then they asked Ben to cut the cord. The announced that I had a baby GIRL. I had so hoped for a girl and I was very happy. We did not have a boys name picked out that we were sure of so we were also relieved. I have this picture of everyone that was in the lobby waiting for us once they were allowed in. I love that picture. It has everyone, almost everyone, that has been a part of loving Alicia these last 7 years.
Back then I did not have a digital camera so this is a picture of a picture. So bare with me as I add it here.

As you can see my sister is missing, she is taking the picture and my Sister-in-law Rachel was not around at that point. But otherwise many of Alicia's favorite adults are here in that picture. Loving her from moment one. O, and Alicia is actually in the picture, you just have to look for her at the bottom in Nana's arms.

LOVE YOU Alicia girl!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 Books

So I think every 10 weeks I will review the books I have read. But I must admit, I am burnt out from reading already! I really need to limit myself to 10 books in that time frame and not go over.

Of the 10 books my favorite was probably The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I had it on my to do list for over a year. When I got it I put it off because I thought it would be heavy and sad. Boy was I wrong. It was so GOOD. It was more a book of great advice he was leaving for his children and those who have children. I will now recommend this book to everyone I meet. It is a must read.

Another book I ended up really liking even though I wasn't sure about it was Twilight. .I really don't like books about highschoolers. I have nothing against vampires really but I just find it even more unreal when highschoolers fall in love and have such passionate lives. I mean I can believe the vampire thing just not that a 15 year old can fall in love with a vampire. :) Very twisted I know. Anyway, I liked the book. A LOT. So much so that I immediately ordered the next 3 books and waited and waited for them! And stalked amazon.com to check and see where they were on their journey to my house. So thank you Jill for convincing me to try this series

and Things I Couldn't Say are both books I had to post about right away so no need to talk about them again. I will say they are recommendable. The other 6 books were just okay. Nothing special, nothing to write home about, or to write to you about. I actually read 15 books. Three were the next in the Twilight series and two were so bad or boring that I really just skimmed those and so I could not put them down on my read list. I hate to waste my time with bad books.

Here is the finished list for the 10 weeks:
DOUBLE MINDS* Terri Blackstock week 10
THINGS I COULDN'T SAY* Diet Eman week 9
TWILIGHT SERIES, all 4* Stephanie Meyer week 8
EMBRACE ME* Lisa Samson week 7
THE LAST LECTURE* Randy Pausch week 6
BEACH DREAMS* Trish Perry week 5
MAGGIE* Charles Martin week 4
HOUSE* Frank Peretti w/Ted Dekker week 3
THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES* Sue Monk Kidd week 2
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE * Trish Perry week 1

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The newest blogger!

So I wrote a post a few days back mentioning my friends lack of real commitment to the blog world. My sister-in-law, who loves me, decided that she would start a blog just to keep me from boredom! So this post is to say Welcome to bloggers newest member, duona. WELCOME! And I sure hope she is better at it then some of you, well most of you!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Too Much

So I opened the door this morning to take the kids to school and actually physically stepped back, sucked in air, loudly I may add, and said AHHHHHH! It was snowing. I knew it might. I had checked throughout the morning but with the temperature at 35 I had given up. But it snowed, stopped, and is now snowing AGAIN! I love snow. LOVE IT!!!!

But I am hoping it stops in a few days and spring, no summer, comes! This weekend is the Christian Schools auction and with set up consisting of carrying things from cars to buildings I am thinking clear skies might be a plus.

So, do you think is too much to ask for snow for three days and then 70 degree summerlike days for the next two. :)

Also my sister-in-law is due this weekend. Do you think I can also ask for her to wait until the following Monday?

I am thinking I may be asking for too much.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

"A good day is when. . . " filched

My friends are not the greatest bloggers. Some of you only post once every few weeks. So I blame this post on YOU. Thursday I was home bound with a sick child. I was in need of something more then wiping noses and giving medicine. And something that only took a few minutes. So I went checking out your blogs, hoping for some small tid bit on your day, your children, your faith, etc. With nothing new to read I started to read your friends blogs. At times I find it embarrassing to read blogs of people I don't know. BUT I do know that you all do it too, so it helps me feel a bit more sane. Anyway I stumbled on a blog that had this WONDERFUL list. A list that all Christain mothers should strive for.

This is from her blog:
A good day is when:

1. I care more about people than things.

2. Quality time is spent with each member of my family.

3. My husband and I treat each other respectfully and feel like teammates.

4. I learn something new.

5. I do something for myself.

6. I eat well and feed my family well.

7. I realize my mistakes, but am not overwhelmed with guilt.

8. I don't focus on the tasks that need to be done, but rather my attitude while doing them.

9. I connect with at least one friend in a meaningful way.

10. I glorify God with my words, actions, and heart.

She got it right, didn't she? I am thinking of printing this out and reading it many times a day to remind myself what I should be striving for list.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

7 years ago today

. . .I was in the hospital being induced. It feels like yesterday. Really, it does. We got up early and called the hospital to make sure they had a spot open for me to come in and get induced. It was our baby's due date. I also had a rash (PUPPS) that would only go away once the placenta was out so they decided to induce me. We were so excited to go meet our baby. We were one of those couples that decided to be surprised with the sex of our baby and by this point I was dying to know! This would be the first baby for both sides of our family so everyone was very anxious. about 10-15 people waited in the lobby at any given time on March 05, 2002. After 14 or so hours they told me that my baby may not want to come out today! This was a shock to me as I had been at 2 cm for a MONTH and my doctor had told me I could have that baby at any moment for weeks. She even mentioned she had thought I would have a baby by 5 that evening. I thought my body was ready. But first deliveries are so very different. No one knows what your body and that baby will end up doing. I had never been warned that you can be induced and still leave the hospital with no baby but that is what happened to us. We decided to go home and wait it out. We were sure it wouldn't be much longer. I remember being so embarrassed that everyone waiting at the hospital had wasted HOURS AND HOURS of their time. On the drive home we had to pull over so I could throw up. The medicine they used had made me sick. Now every time I drive by that spot I remember that horrid night.

7 years ago. It really does seem like it just happened.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am writing this on a new computer! Ben really wanted to get a new one and I finally convinced him that we were fine. Then yesterday our computer actually crashed. With his business he needed one ASAP so we went and got this one. :) But I lost all email addresses. If you want me to write you well you gotta write me first. :)