Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 Books

So I think every 10 weeks I will review the books I have read. But I must admit, I am burnt out from reading already! I really need to limit myself to 10 books in that time frame and not go over.

Of the 10 books my favorite was probably The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I had it on my to do list for over a year. When I got it I put it off because I thought it would be heavy and sad. Boy was I wrong. It was so GOOD. It was more a book of great advice he was leaving for his children and those who have children. I will now recommend this book to everyone I meet. It is a must read.

Another book I ended up really liking even though I wasn't sure about it was Twilight. .I really don't like books about highschoolers. I have nothing against vampires really but I just find it even more unreal when highschoolers fall in love and have such passionate lives. I mean I can believe the vampire thing just not that a 15 year old can fall in love with a vampire. :) Very twisted I know. Anyway, I liked the book. A LOT. So much so that I immediately ordered the next 3 books and waited and waited for them! And stalked to check and see where they were on their journey to my house. So thank you Jill for convincing me to try this series

and Things I Couldn't Say are both books I had to post about right away so no need to talk about them again. I will say they are recommendable. The other 6 books were just okay. Nothing special, nothing to write home about, or to write to you about. I actually read 15 books. Three were the next in the Twilight series and two were so bad or boring that I really just skimmed those and so I could not put them down on my read list. I hate to waste my time with bad books.

Here is the finished list for the 10 weeks:
DOUBLE MINDS* Terri Blackstock week 10
THINGS I COULDN'T SAY* Diet Eman week 9
TWILIGHT SERIES, all 4* Stephanie Meyer week 8
EMBRACE ME* Lisa Samson week 7
THE LAST LECTURE* Randy Pausch week 6
BEACH DREAMS* Trish Perry week 5
MAGGIE* Charles Martin week 4
HOUSE* Frank Peretti w/Ted Dekker week 3
THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES* Sue Monk Kidd week 2
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE * Trish Perry week 1

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KLB said...

I have read both books and Love them!! I am on the third Twilight book. I am borrowing it from one of the 5th graders at school. I am praying I don't ruin it. Its brand new.