Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Danette!

If you haven't already you should check out my sisters blog. You will learn fun things about Germany!

Friday, January 27, 2012

little black dress

I am a jean a sweater kind of gal. Can't remember the last dress I wore. Usually wear flip flops so no need to own those prefect high heel shoes. But Ben is a business man. He needs to be involved in the community and that leads to parties and mingling. On Feb 4 I get to go to a Habitat For Humanity Fundraiser Auction. I love auctions but this is also a cocktail dress auction. So I bought a little black dress. Well, honestly I ordered 3 online and they came today. I figured there is a lot more selection online and I can take what I don't wear back. Thankfully ordering a dress online is not like ordering pants. I know my dress size. And thankfully I think at least one of the dresses will work. Alicia likes 2 of them, Ethan doesn't really care and Ben hasn't seen them yet. Alicia wishes I could return black for a red dress. But it's much harder to find a red dress in my style then a black one. Now I am starting to freak out about what shoes to wear, what jewelery, do I wear stockings or go bare legged. I think I need help. Any of you have the perfect heels I should get for this black dress? Know what kind of jewelery I should wear? This is most likely the dress I will choose. It at least gives me the feel of sleeves to hide behind. It won't be the fanciest dress there but it is one of the more fancier dresses I have ever worn.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Metal Mouth

Alicia got four braces put on her front four teeth about a year and a half ago. Yesterday they did the enite mouth. All but one tooth, it's only half in, have a brace on them. (You can see the tooth on the right, top side in the picture.) It seems amazing that at almost 10 she has a full mouth of metal but then again it seemed amazing when she started loosing her teeth at 4. She choose pink for Valentines Day and green for St Patricks Day. It still hurts to chew but she is in a lot less pain compared to first four braces that went on.

Friday, January 20, 2012

This is Hwy 22 down the road from us. I wasn't able get these kind of pictures so I am stealing them.


(some of you have seen thesepictures, these are for my sister and for future me to look at and remember.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rain Day

Well rain may not be as fun as snow, not nearly, but it does bring school closures.

So we went and drove around Sublimity and Stayton with a hot cocoa and looked at some flooding. The pictures really do not do the flooding justice. I would have loved to stop to take pictures but these are all taken while driving along.

I think that the road in front of the school on the way to our house is actually one of the worst areas we saw.
And what is amazing is this was these pictures were taken on our way to take a look around. On our way home in just 30 minutes this area is much much worse.

The very worst flooding was the on-ramps and exits off of HWY 22. Some are closed, some are just lakes. They won't have time to dry out. The rain just keeps coming and is supposed to go for DAYS. By this evening Ben may need to take the back route to our house. Ben saw a car drowning in the middle of a closed down road. I didn't go take a look because getting there was going to entail too many detours.

Our van was going through a "puddle" and Ethan took the picture of water splashing up. He is very proud of it and wants you to see it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow day

***********best friends*********

They had just told their moms they had put ice down a sisters shirt. STINKERS

It was so nice not having school yesterday, Tuesday. Alicia's and Ethans best friends invited us over to play at 9:15. For some reason they had a bit more snow then we got, they are up a small hill from us. And it snowed off and on all day. We were there until 1:30. The day was so much fun. The kids played, the adults gabbed. F.U.N.

But it was a bit dissappointing to wake this morning to risen temperatures and RAIN. And I do mean an amazing amount of rain. Hard not to feel a bit like if that rain could be snow we would have real snow fun. O, well.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I love starting a new year. It gives one time to stop, even for a second, and think about what we expect from it. 2011 brought some really good things to the Wilson's. A new nephew, a new niece, a new house, a new school. Great things. But it also brought some really, really hard things. Leukemia, fighting Leukemia, deaths, and a HUGE family (the Wilson family extended) ordeal we are all still wading through. Having Faith in God has been instrumental to all of us . We are all hoping that 2012 brings not only good things but some miracles as well.

On that note, here are two things I am at this moment working on for 2012:

This next year I plan on losing some weight. I have lost almost 25 pounds since September 6 and have another 20 to lose. I am being very conscious of what I eat and spending some time working out. I am also starting to dream of some new clothes. I have set goals and at each goal I set I have some rewards for myself.

I am also planning a family vacation. We are just months away and it takes up a lot of brain space right now. It also has me dreaming of new clothes. haha So hopefully I hit my weight goals and can have new clothes for the trip.

What are your dreams for 2012?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


My sister wants more blogging. She is so demanding. :)

I thought I would just take pictures off the camera. These are Christmas pictures.

My parents at our house Christmas morning Beautiful Christmas cookies my mom made for Christmas Eve night.And Easter Egg Hunt pictures.
We were unable to the yearly Easter Egg hunt on Easter this year so the eggs have been sitting around until the entire family would be together. So we celebrated God sending His son to earth to die/pardon our sins all in one day.