Monday, January 9, 2012

I love starting a new year. It gives one time to stop, even for a second, and think about what we expect from it. 2011 brought some really good things to the Wilson's. A new nephew, a new niece, a new house, a new school. Great things. But it also brought some really, really hard things. Leukemia, fighting Leukemia, deaths, and a HUGE family (the Wilson family extended) ordeal we are all still wading through. Having Faith in God has been instrumental to all of us . We are all hoping that 2012 brings not only good things but some miracles as well.

On that note, here are two things I am at this moment working on for 2012:

This next year I plan on losing some weight. I have lost almost 25 pounds since September 6 and have another 20 to lose. I am being very conscious of what I eat and spending some time working out. I am also starting to dream of some new clothes. I have set goals and at each goal I set I have some rewards for myself.

I am also planning a family vacation. We are just months away and it takes up a lot of brain space right now. It also has me dreaming of new clothes. haha So hopefully I hit my weight goals and can have new clothes for the trip.

What are your dreams for 2012?


godizlife said...

i like the new background not so startling!lol. great job on the weight. what is this vacation? oh hawaii oh wow. so fun.

Duo Na said...

My dream will probably come true AFTER 2012 so for 2012 my dream is for 2012 to end fast so that we can be one year closer to bringing home our final family member! :D