Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rain Day

Well rain may not be as fun as snow, not nearly, but it does bring school closures.

So we went and drove around Sublimity and Stayton with a hot cocoa and looked at some flooding. The pictures really do not do the flooding justice. I would have loved to stop to take pictures but these are all taken while driving along.

I think that the road in front of the school on the way to our house is actually one of the worst areas we saw.
And what is amazing is this was these pictures were taken on our way to take a look around. On our way home in just 30 minutes this area is much much worse.

The very worst flooding was the on-ramps and exits off of HWY 22. Some are closed, some are just lakes. They won't have time to dry out. The rain just keeps coming and is supposed to go for DAYS. By this evening Ben may need to take the back route to our house. Ben saw a car drowning in the middle of a closed down road. I didn't go take a look because getting there was going to entail too many detours.

Our van was going through a "puddle" and Ethan took the picture of water splashing up. He is very proud of it and wants you to see it.

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godizlife said...

wow quite some rain looks like the kids would go swimming at recess.. hope it gets better!