Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maui Day 10

We headed a teeny bit South today and went to the beach behind Whalers Village mall for 3 hours. We had to get our parking permit validated though. Hate paying to park. We then headed back to Local Boys. If you're keeping count that was our 3rd visit. They have the best shave ice and ice cream on the island. Came back to the condo where I took a cat nap and called my mom. Then we watched some tv, then a sunset at the ocean and finally the men BBQed! We watched a show on the History channel that covers 3 nights and Ethan can't wait to continue tonight. World Wars. It is actually really well done and we've learned a lot.
Ethan spent the majority of the time digging a hole in the sand. He is actually standing up in this picture!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Maui Day 9

We feel the end coming. I know we still have a couple days but it's winding down. We woke to rain and so were unsure what to do. We ended up going back to Napili as it has a little of something for everyone. We saw turtles, the kids and men boogie boarded, Ethan and Amara played in the sand. It was great. It did sprinkle a bit but nearly what it was this morning. Then we came back to the condo for a few hours before Ben and Alicia headed off for their date. It is restaurant week in Wailea so you can get a 3 course meal at their fanciest restaurants for cheaper. They chose Morimotos. I must admit I'm jealous as we all think he's an amazing chef. Ethan and Orin mini golfed while they were gone. (((It's a great resort as we can sit on our patio and watch them play. There's shuffle board and a mini putting green. The pool and hot tub. There's tennis courts if we had rackets. I am pleased with our choice.))) Ethan and I went on a walk and hit a couple shops and found some food.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

maui day 8

I got up early and sat down at the ocean for quite awhile reading a book and then decided I better head back to the condo to see what everyone was up to. We decided to go out to a late breakfast, for the first time, this morning. I had wanted to try The Gazebo which is supposed to be great but we were really close to Slappy Cakes so that won out. The kids really enjoyed this but it was rather spendy and just ok so we'd never go back.
You can order just the batter and make your own pancakes at the table. ***** We then headed back to the condo where some took naps, some played electronics and some sun bathed by the pool. There was also some basketball playoffs to watch and swim time. It was a slow, some might say relaxing others boring, day.
***** We decided to go out to dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate. It was an hour and a half wait but the food was good. The bummer was just as they served our food at this outdoor dining restaurant it started to rain. It was comical. After dinner we headed to Local Boys for some more icecream or shave ice and then we called it a night.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

maui day 7

When we knew we were going to Hawaii I researched and knew we'd go up Haleakala either for sunrise or sunset. We decided on sunset with star gazing. Then a couple days ago we read about the possible meteor shower and the day was determined. We hung out at the condo until 1:30 then headed to Paia for lunch and grab some drinks. Next we headed to a small town that was supposed to be fun shopping, Makawao. In one store I found the bedding I really really really want but could not afford. :( after we were done we took the long curvy road up to the summit. It's over 10,000 feet up! We got there at the perfect time as we watched the colors of a sunset on the clouds we just drove up through. We then waited for the stars to come out. It was really a fun magical time. It was so beautiful up there. A once in a lifetime experience.
the sunset pictures are in time order.

maui misc

A couple days ago when Brandon took Ben, Ethan and I to a snorkeling spot with turtles Ethan didn't immediately go in. He wandered around the rocks while we were out. We finally convinced (read took him in against his will and screaming) and he enjoyed it. He now wants to buy turtles in every store we go in. It really made an impression on him. I'm not sure he'll ever go again but he's glad he did once. ************ This island smells bad. I'm not sure what it is but I miss the smell of the Big Island. ************ I wish Costco was close to our condo. They have the best prices on fruit and it goes so quickly. We've been there twice and I'd like to go again.

Friday, May 23, 2014

maui day 6

We went back to the beach we went to the first day and the adults had fun snorkeling there and then walking or snorkeling over to the area with the turtles. A few hours at the beach and then back to the condo to clean up for some shopping. We had some shave ice at one of the most famous (and yummy) stores and shopped for awhile. Also saw the biggest Banyan tree. That thing is amazingly cool. Back to the condo for some swimming for some and shuffle board for the adults. About 6:30 us adults headed to Lahaina for dinner. There was live music and good food right on the ocean. It was lively. We then walked around looking at the art stores. It was really fun to see what we liked and didn't like. Never seen so many art stores right in a row. Came home and went to bed happy.

maui day 5

This day we headed to Big Beach and the men boogie boarded while the kids played in the sand. The lifeguard said a couple of times that it was a dangerous beach so they finally had their share and we left. Headed to Paia for shopping and the fish market for lunch. The chicken tacos I had were soooo good. I also found a glutenfree grocery store and got some yummy treats. After shopping we headed to Baldwin Beach Park but it was so cold there that my family took off for our condo early. We ate what was in our fridge for dinner and went to bed early. This us what we saw our men do a lot of. Waiting. Waiting for the perfect wave. There were some locals there doing cool flips with their boogie boards and one crazy cool stuff with a skim board. It was fun to watch.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

maui day 4

We decided on a condo day as some kids and a couple adults were either tired of driving or burnt. It was nice to wake up and just hang out. This condo has an amazing view so we sit out on the patio often. Around noon after lunch Brandon took Ben, myself and Ethan down the road to a snorkeling spot in Napili. It was just what I had been wanting. The water was tame and there were lots of fish and turtles to see. Back at the condo the guys grilled burgers for dinner and the kids swam and played with kids that were hanging around. Nice calm day so t ok morrow will be more active.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

maui day 3

It took us awhile to finally get on the road and then a bit to find a beach that had waves big enough for boogie boarding but about 11 we finally did. We played for a few hours then headed to big beach where the waves were enormous and only Brandon, Maliah and Ben went in. Ethan played in the sand a bit but the other kids hung back in the shade and snacked on food. After Krispy Kreme donuts the Cates took all the kids to the mall for a bit and Ben and I grabbed some more snacks from Costo and then got a ham in the oven for dinner. Before bed there was some frog hunting to be had.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Maui day 2

We woke around 5 and at 6 we finally got up. We ate and got ready and by 8:30 we were on a beach. We played until 12:30. We got cleaned up and kind of relaxed until it was time to go pick up Maliah who was with her cousin. We ate dinner at Hard Rock shopped a bit and ended the evening in the pool before bed.