Friday, May 23, 2014

maui day 6

We went back to the beach we went to the first day and the adults had fun snorkeling there and then walking or snorkeling over to the area with the turtles. A few hours at the beach and then back to the condo to clean up for some shopping. We had some shave ice at one of the most famous (and yummy) stores and shopped for awhile. Also saw the biggest Banyan tree. That thing is amazingly cool. Back to the condo for some swimming for some and shuffle board for the adults. About 6:30 us adults headed to Lahaina for dinner. There was live music and good food right on the ocean. It was lively. We then walked around looking at the art stores. It was really fun to see what we liked and didn't like. Never seen so many art stores right in a row. Came home and went to bed happy.

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