Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maui Day 10

We headed a teeny bit South today and went to the beach behind Whalers Village mall for 3 hours. We had to get our parking permit validated though. Hate paying to park. We then headed back to Local Boys. If you're keeping count that was our 3rd visit. They have the best shave ice and ice cream on the island. Came back to the condo where I took a cat nap and called my mom. Then we watched some tv, then a sunset at the ocean and finally the men BBQed! We watched a show on the History channel that covers 3 nights and Ethan can't wait to continue tonight. World Wars. It is actually really well done and we've learned a lot.
Ethan spent the majority of the time digging a hole in the sand. He is actually standing up in this picture!

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