Monday, May 26, 2014

Maui Day 9

We feel the end coming. I know we still have a couple days but it's winding down. We woke to rain and so were unsure what to do. We ended up going back to Napili as it has a little of something for everyone. We saw turtles, the kids and men boogie boarded, Ethan and Amara played in the sand. It was great. It did sprinkle a bit but nearly what it was this morning. Then we came back to the condo for a few hours before Ben and Alicia headed off for their date. It is restaurant week in Wailea so you can get a 3 course meal at their fanciest restaurants for cheaper. They chose Morimotos. I must admit I'm jealous as we all think he's an amazing chef. Ethan and Orin mini golfed while they were gone. (((It's a great resort as we can sit on our patio and watch them play. There's shuffle board and a mini putting green. The pool and hot tub. There's tennis courts if we had rackets. I am pleased with our choice.))) Ethan and I went on a walk and hit a couple shops and found some food.

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Duo Na said...

I would've been jealous too! Wow, eating something from Morimoto. That's pretty cool.