Friday, May 23, 2014

maui day 5

This day we headed to Big Beach and the men boogie boarded while the kids played in the sand. The lifeguard said a couple of times that it was a dangerous beach so they finally had their share and we left. Headed to Paia for shopping and the fish market for lunch. The chicken tacos I had were soooo good. I also found a glutenfree grocery store and got some yummy treats. After shopping we headed to Baldwin Beach Park but it was so cold there that my family took off for our condo early. We ate what was in our fridge for dinner and went to bed early. This us what we saw our men do a lot of. Waiting. Waiting for the perfect wave. There were some locals there doing cool flips with their boogie boards and one crazy cool stuff with a skim board. It was fun to watch.

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