Saturday, May 24, 2014

maui day 7

When we knew we were going to Hawaii I researched and knew we'd go up Haleakala either for sunrise or sunset. We decided on sunset with star gazing. Then a couple days ago we read about the possible meteor shower and the day was determined. We hung out at the condo until 1:30 then headed to Paia for lunch and grab some drinks. Next we headed to a small town that was supposed to be fun shopping, Makawao. In one store I found the bedding I really really really want but could not afford. :( after we were done we took the long curvy road up to the summit. It's over 10,000 feet up! We got there at the perfect time as we watched the colors of a sunset on the clouds we just drove up through. We then waited for the stars to come out. It was really a fun magical time. It was so beautiful up there. A once in a lifetime experience.
the sunset pictures are in time order.

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