Sunday, May 25, 2014

maui day 8

I got up early and sat down at the ocean for quite awhile reading a book and then decided I better head back to the condo to see what everyone was up to. We decided to go out to a late breakfast, for the first time, this morning. I had wanted to try The Gazebo which is supposed to be great but we were really close to Slappy Cakes so that won out. The kids really enjoyed this but it was rather spendy and just ok so we'd never go back.
You can order just the batter and make your own pancakes at the table. ***** We then headed back to the condo where some took naps, some played electronics and some sun bathed by the pool. There was also some basketball playoffs to watch and swim time. It was a slow, some might say relaxing others boring, day.
***** We decided to go out to dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate. It was an hour and a half wait but the food was good. The bummer was just as they served our food at this outdoor dining restaurant it started to rain. It was comical. After dinner we headed to Local Boys for some more icecream or shave ice and then we called it a night.

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