Thursday, December 22, 2011

Smell that?

I wish you could smell my house. I didn't even know how good it smelled until I went to the garage and came back in. YUMMY. Yesterday I made cinnamon roll dough. I then let it sit over night so it would be a good consistency for rolling. This morning we woke up early, we all slept under the Christmas tree and our sleeping was off, and I started baking those cinnamon rolls. I baked ours and then rolled others and put them in tins for gifts. Tonight we will go deliver some cinnamon rolls to unsuspecting folks while driving around looking at lights. A good way to get the kids to understand giving while we get the Christmas light looking crossed off the to do list. This picture is of the rolls in our fridge.
And as a side note, every year our church encourages families to sleep under the tree during this Christmas week. Every year I don't really want to. This year I gave in. ( I guess I should admit I had Ben bring down Ethan's mattress so I wouldn't have to sleep on the floor.) We watched some Christmas cartoons, Prep and Landing and Prep and Landing 2, and then went to sleep. Only it was pretty exciting for the kids and they just wanted to giggle. After we all fell asleep Ben got up and went to his bed. Later said he got cold. The three of us then woke up at 5 to snoring from the bedroom. We couldn't fall back asleep, it was cold, so we finally turned on cartoons at 6 and I started baking.

Gotta love Christmas Break and the un-routineness it brings. This week is good for me. I love schedules and normalcy. This whole week has been about doing things we don't normally get to do, spending time together and eating things we don't normally eat.

Hope you all have a great Christmas Break, I know we are.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

can you guess what happened?



Here are some before and after pictures. You may think I just posted them in the wrong order. But no, the empty tree and ornaments on the floor are the after pictures. Can you guess what happened this morning? First time in our 11 marriage. Just happy no ornaments broke and our tree topper made it out okay. I Love that tree topper. We bought in Disneyworld and it would be irreplaceable.

Now I await Ben's return so the tree can be replaced in the stand. It needs to be straightened out some, haha that is an understatement. That should be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decorating for the first time

My sister has not seen our "new" house. Now I know we have lived here for 7ish months so it's not really new anymore but she moved to Germany when we moved and she hasn't even seen pictures of our place. When we were first looking at the house I was thinking it would be a great house for them to come stay at during the Holidays but alas that will have to be put off a few years.

Anyway, I am slowly getting our decorations up and thought I would let her see my Christmas Living Room and you all get a peek into my house along the way.

We have not bought window treatments for this room yet. We bought them for 3 rooms and the rest will just have to wait. The Christmas village on the mantel is the LEGO Holiday sets. They are mine and I put them together and then away after Christmas. The kids want to play with them but they know they are Momma's!

On a side note. Every year when I pull out my stocking holders I reminisce a bit. I loved this set. Was really happy when we decided we were done with kids so I could go get the 4 letter NOEL from target. Then not 9 months later I was pregnant. It wasn't a planned pregnancy and one of the first things I thought of was how I was going to have to go buy PEACE to have 5 letters. We ended up losing that pregnancy and NOEL stayed. I rarely think of that miscarriage. But every year when I pull these out I can't help but think of it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Spirit

So yesterday was one of those days we will remember when our kids are grown. Just a great family day full of Christmas activities. We got up and headed down to the annual Christmas Bazaar. Now I could miss this and be fine but the kids love going. Bought some treats and the kids bought some cheap junk and then we headed home. After we got home we played for awhile and then Grammy met us at our house to go get our Christmas trees. There have been many many years of getting our tree with Grammy. A tradition that occasionally gets broken. Anyway, this year we had perfect weather to go tree hunting. Found our trees and then onto their homes they went. Ben put the lights on the house while we got our tree lights up. Then we watched the first part of Indiana Jones while Ethan put ornaments up. Not a very Christmassy movie but it was on and the kids enjoy Indy. After this on to the local movie theater where they were showing Polar Express. Finally we watched our Christmas movie for the day and then headed home to put on layers of clothes. It was freezing outside (also incredibly foggy) and there was to be a first annual light parade here in our small town. We walked down to the fire department and watched the parade and then walked to Panzanellies for some dinner take-out. Walked on home for dinner and hot chocolates and finished our Indiana Jones movie before a late bedtime.

Ben and I talked in bed about how this is the days that the kids will remember. Full of family fun. We also felt like it should be closer to Christmas. Feels like a day that should be done after school is out for the break. But we were not the ones who made the city's calendar.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My daughter sent her first texts!

So Saturday I got to spend the day shopping with some close girlfriends. We had a great time catching up with each other and there were some really good deals. But I wondered through the day why Ben was not responding to my texts. Especially when I asked if he would like me to bring home his favorite dessert. Nothing. So when I got home that night and found the house thrashed and Ben in bed I was a little peeved. Until I found out that about 3 PM that day he started being violently sick! He said for near 4 hours he hugged the toilet and even now, 4 days later, his stomach muscles are very sore. Apparently the kids took care of themselves. We are both very proud that they got along all day while feeding themselves and getting themselves to bed. The next day, Sunday morning, I mentioned all my texts to Ben. Alicia said she had read them. Ben then checked all the messages and saw that she had tried to respond to my texts with messages like dad is sick. dad is barfing. But these were not sent to me, but to one of our friends. He wrote back saying he needed the Wilson decoder, as Alicia did not spell all the words correctly. He had no idea what was going on. Alicia said Ben's cell phone was hard to write on, I AGREE--hate his phone. We all had a great laugh. She sent her first texts out to her best friends father. So hilarious.

Friday, November 4, 2011

On a book hunt

It seems like about every year and a half to two years I am looking for something. Not for me but for Alicia. Looking for new authors, new books. I want her to be reading good, wholesome books. No reason, that I can see, for her to read what everyone else is reading. That time will be here soon enough. So right now she is reading a series by Frank Peretti for kids. It is a mystery series and she loves them. But there are only a few books left in this series so I am trying to be a step ahead of her. The bummer thing is she doesn't always want to read what I buy her. She has maybe 5-8 books upstairs that I don't think she will ever open. Books I know she would enjoy if she just opened them up and gave them a chance. But that is besides the point. Do you know of any good books for a 9-12 year old girl. I am looking for some Christian books or books that will teach her good character traits.

And she has already read the Narnia books, and Anne of Green Gables.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I set up my Christmas ringtones today. I know that to some of you this is real early but since I am seeing Christmas commercials I decided to get into the spirit now as well. So I have White Christmas, The Sugar Plum Fairy and Frosty the Snowman ready to alert me to your texts and calls. Can't wait until I hear them!!!

If you have a song you would like to be associated with your number just let me know. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My sweet characters


One face covered with a mask and the other covered in makeup. :) She was worried whenever it started to rain that it would wash away her makeup but when we tried to take it off before bed last night it was very hard to get off. Glad this happens only once a year. Be a long time before she wears makeup everyday.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

This past weekend was one of those fun weekends. The whole weekend was full of parties, family get togethers, a movie, and the feel of a holiday approaching. One of the best parts of the weekend was my mom getting tickets to Disney on Ice in Portland. USBank gave her 4 tickets (her and I and the kids went) and a free parking pass. We then got to sit in the USBank suite and watch an amazing show. When we got to the suite we had popcorn ready for us and cold pops in the fridge. We were the first ones in the box so we choose our seats. The kids had a ball and it was so fun to do something I have never done before. The show was really good and I love ice skating (not actually skating -I tried once and was horrid at it-but watching on tv). So it was fun to see that part of it.
Gotta have cotton candy!!!

I "borrowed" these pictures were from the a site on the internet, My camera has gone missing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday month

I think Red Robin has it right. The month of your birthday they put your free burger on your Red Robin Loyalty card. A whole month to celebrate your birthday. I like it.

This is my birthday month. Last week Ben called me and asked if I wanted to go to a Oregon Ducks football game. OF COURSE! A friend of his decided he didn’t want to go to the game and gifted us the tickets. AMAZING!! Wednesday, Ben and I went to town and bought me a new green and yellow jacket for the game. Start of my birthday month. Then Thursday Ben and I dropped our kids off at Grammy’s and headed South. It was such a great night. The game was a good one, the seats were GREAT and spending time with just Ben was wonderful. Best date in a long time.

Yesterday my mom and I spent the day shopping. Our tradition for Columbus Day, my birthday shopping day. It is so nice to get away with my mom and shop with no kids. Plus I always get a caramel apple. My favorite.

Tonight we are heading out for dinner.

I love when birthdays last for more then one day.

Friday, October 7, 2011

For you Danette

Well,my break from blogging is over. 5 months is all I got. My sister has asked me a few times if I would resume and I have given in. She and her family moved to Germany about 5 months ago and would like to see pictures and hear how our lives back in the USA are going.

At the new school my kids are going to they work on a character trait each month. September was knowledge. Today the school had an assembly and a few kids from each class were chosen that showed signs of this trait. Ethan got an award so myself, and Grammy and Papa-along with Zach, came to see him get his award.

Ethan is in the front row, black coat looking at My camera.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

done for awhile

I have loved blogging. I love looking back at what the kids have done over the years, having pictures at my fingertips. But when I started blogging I did it so my parents and sister could catch up and see pics. But teh reality is they never check my blog. :) And since I don't know if I want to continue for just myself I am taking a break. I think I will try out the old fashioned journaling-- in a book and taping pictures on!! SHOCK.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tricky Sister in Laws

I have two sister-in-laws that like to play tricks. I think every day to them is a day to practice for April Fools.

Let me back up. The Wilson's are a close family. Where some families may show up when a baby is born we all head to the hospital as the new mom is being checked in. We want to be there for all of it. Some births have been long (mine) some unusually quick (Donna). But is a fun tradition and I love it. This year I told Alicia she is old enough to go with me and hang out the whole time. The kids have gone for a few hours before but never for an entire day. She is very excited. Every phone call we get we think is Rachel until we see the phone screen.

At about 4 this morning I woke up and never quite went back to sleep. I did have some of those weird dreams you get at that time though.

I dreamt that Rachel called and was breathing heavy and whispering. She was in labor. I asked all the questions I will ask when she actually calls, Where are you, how you feeling, how far along are you, etc etc. Then when she knew I was totally into this phone call she started laughing.

I hung up on her.

Dreams. Now I may know Rachel probably would never in reality do this I also know with her some things are possible. I will now be more weary when the phone rings. Is she just playing with me or is it real.

We'll see.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ja Miss me?

When we got Internet back on Friday I thought I would run to post that I was back but I didn't know where top even start. Still don't but since I know some of you are wondering how it's going I will try to figure out where to start, what to say.

The house is wonderful. It feels so big. There is sadly much to do here still as I feel like I have been torn a million ways and never get to just relax in this house. Friday our renters move into the old house and that will help me feel less torn and then Monday ends the official busy season of a CPA and that will really make things feel a lot better around this house. Now if the weather would just stay sunny for more then a few hours we might really be able to get some things done.

In the next week we hope to welcome two new babies into the Wilson clan as two of my sister-in-laws are due and this particular Wilson house could not be more excited. Ethan is a baby person and Alicia is old enough to really feel and understand the excitement. Plus maybe someday she will actually get to babysit these two new ones.

Collin is doing good. We had a scare last night when we were told they were heading back up to Doernbechers as he had a fever. But thankfully his counts looked good so they gave him some medicine and sent him home. He goes back up tomorrow for another chemo treatment so they aren't too worried. We found out last week, or it might have been the week before, that he is what is called a slow responder. That means instead of 6 months of chemo (his chemo is through a spinal tap) he will get 10 months followed by the maintenance chemo. I think I got all that right. This world of cancer is so foreign to me. I wish none of us had to become experts on ALL, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but Collin is a trooper and GOD is GOOD.

So that is just a little of what has been going on while I have been away. There is tons more but not all of it is important and some should remain off the web for the world to see.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

cyber lost

We are at our new house but it doesn't have internet connection until April 8th. So I won't be here in cyber world for awhile. I also won't be getting any emails until then so if you want to get ahold of me call my cell as we also will not have a phone at our new house until April 8. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break

We now have renters for our house. Didn't take long. :)

Yesterday when we heard we had potential renters wanting to come in and see our house I and the kids went to work cleaning our house. They were fairly good sports about spending hours of their spring break cleaning with me, so I told them today I would make it up to them. So we met friends at Chuck-E-Cheese and played for hours. Then we met more friends at Tangled at the Northern Lights theater for afternoon fun. Ben and Ethan are now on their way to a Blazers game (free tickets) and Alicia and I will start on laundry soon. :)

Tomorrow should be low key and then Thursday Alicia takes of with a friend for a few nights at the beach. Sunday at 1 we are moving our "stuff" into the new house. So if you are wanting to see the house you could come help us move. :) haha

I may never get to go somewhere fun for spring break, tax season, but this may be a week I won't forget.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Calling all renters

So we will be renting out our current house. If you are, or know anyone, looking to rent a home in the Stayton area (and it only takes 15 minutes to get to Salem) this is a great find. :) At least I think so.

If you want more info for yourself, or a friend, here is our property's managements website. You can also ask me questions.

It has 3 bedrooms/2 baths. Besides the normal kitchen appliances, interior w/d hookup and 2 car garage, with electric opener, all bedrooms have a walk in closets. Their is also heat pump with AC, vaulted ceiling in living room and skylight in kitchen. This house makes a great home.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Continue to pray

Collin had found an Easter basket and had it on his head. :)

I ask you all to continue to pray for my nephew. Things are not going rosily. :) Leukemia may be curable and this may be the most common childhood cancer but it is not normal, not routine. His family is up at Doernbechers again. They went home Monday and then headed back up Wednesday after Collin came down with a fever. This time they may be there weeks. (UPDATE: Things are going better and they may come home sooner!!!! WOOHOO) Collin just isn't doing well. They need prayer as this takes them away from home and work. They are not making money and spending A LOT of money. They are watching their boy be poked and prodded and never know what may happen. Rachel is also just weeks away from having their second child.

This SUCKS. But prayer works. So the Wilson family continue to ask everyone to pray for Danny, Rachel and Collin. God can heal his body. God can bring peace to a family. We also want to bring glory to our God even through cancer. Dirty C word.

Alicia, Danny, Collin and Ethan. We were lucky enough to see Collin on Tuesday night before he unexpectedly headed back up to the hospital the next day. While he is up there the cousins cannot see him because of a RSV threat. So this made my kids' night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

goodbye house

I have started a few posts on how this week is the week of packing and preparing to move. But no post sounds the way I feel. So just know that I am packing, packing, and packing. (And packing takes longer then I remembered.) I also thought I had lots of boxes but they are running low. (And I didn't remember needing this many boxes.)

In April I will say goodbye to this house, this house where my babies grew.
In April we will be in a new house, a house where my kids will become adults.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Glad the week is over

This week was long. Emotionally long. Starting with my friends mother passing away Monday evening with a funeral on Friday, then Collin being diagnosed with Leukemia on Tuesday, all while working on the Stayton Christian School Annual Auction also on Friday and planning my daughters 9th birthday party today. O, and having our house close for real on Thursday. My heart was heavy all week my brain was fried and not fully working. It was all very draining.

So I say, "Good riddance week. May this next week bring an abundance of peace and joy to those I love."

O, and I kept going back to what Ethan told us Wednesday on the way to see Collin, "God has a plan for Collin." He said this with the assurance of a 6 year old and his faith in our Creator. Ethan KNOWS God loves Collin and has created him for a purpose. It is comforting to remember.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Collin Update

So Collin had his spinal tap today and they discovered Leukemia. It is the most common kind and they start treatment today. He will stay up at Doernbechers for another 5 days and then see if he is able to go home. This is getting close to his 2nd birthday and I sure hope he is home by March 20th. They said treatment will probably last about 3 years. I don't know much more then that as I get my info over the phone. :) We went up and saw him last night and he looked good. His color was back from the blood transfusions and he seemed more like the old Collin. I couldn't get enough of him. He is so adorable. I love when he tells the doctors, "No Thank You!" Such manners.

His family is going to need a lot of prayers. Rachel is 6 weeks from having a little girl and this is just awful news for a parent. But they should be very proud of their boy. He is so well behaved and everyone loves him so much.

keep the prayers coming.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rough Day

This week is a busy week. It's time for the annual auction at Stayton Christian School. This week takes a lot of work to pull off. But it's fun too. Or at least it usually is. Today I knew I would be busy and then my poor friend lost her mom. This made me an emotional wreck. I kept thinking of her and would start to cry. Then about a half hour before I picked the kids up from school today I got a call that my nephew, that turns two this month, was sent to Doernbechers with suspected Leukemia. This sent me over the edge. I am an emotional wreck. We love Collin. He is so special. And the thought of this little boy having this disease kills me. The thought of all the needles and pain he will be put through this week, makes me want to barf. They have told them to prepare to stay at least 3-4 days and as much as a week. He has been trying to tell his mom and dad that he wants to go home. I can't imagine what a week of him asking this will do to his parents. Broken hearts all around today.This picture was taken on the 4th of July last year.
So again I am asking for prayers. Please pray for my extended family. The Wilson's are a close family and we love Collin. We love him A LOT. Please pray that it isn't Leukemia, that it is something easily cured. If it is Leukemia please pray for his poor body as they try to fight it. Pray for all of us to keep the Faith and his parents to have strength.

Sometimes words fail

I have thought about typing a post like the one coming for years. I know I am blessed. Not only with my husband, kids and family but with good friends. When I was in college I made a circle of friends for life. We have all stayed friends over the years and I even have some girlies that I get together with almost every month. When I say they are my "friends" that word does not do it justice. They are like sisters. They are what I would imagine sorority sisters would be like. We have lived together, been with each other for boyfriends/husbands, children, new jobs, parents getting sick, parents passing away. We have seen each other at our very best and our ugly worst. These girls are beyond special to me. I know I would be there in a second if they needed me and I trust they would do the same for me. They are the first people I texted when my dad had his heart attack last year and they were the first people I will text on Thursday when the house becomes ours. They are a part of me.

All this to say that one of these girls lost her mom last night. Her mother had a heart attack Friday and then a stroke yesterday. They had to let her go because of bleeding on the brain. So when I say I am taking a dinner to a friend today no one understands that I am taking dinner to my sister, my friend, a part of who I am. When I say my heart breaks for her and her family, it truelly breaks as she owns a part of my heart. Sometimes words are not enough to get across the relationship you have with someone.

So if you have a prayer time today I would love for you to add Karen and her very large family to your prayers. They all need it. I covet your prayers for them.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bring me your boxes

So Monday of this week I would have told you we were not getting the house. Things were draggin, communication was poor, I was very sad. I knew God has His hand on this process so I was sad (sad is an understatement) for losing the house but knew we would find something else. But today we went in and signed papers and the house is on the way to being ours. We will not "own" it until the 10th and we will not move in until the end of the month, allowing them time to pack up. This also gets us past a very busy weekend next week. I am on cloud nine. So nice to have this all done.

God is good.

I have not taken any pictures of "the" house but when we found it back in December they had a nice flyer with pictures. The below are from there. The shop in the back will probably, at some far off time, become a play area for our kids. It is two story but the top will stay storage and is not accessible for children. For the next few weeks I will be packing and trying to make all those calls to have things canceled and other things hooked up. This part of moving is not fun. But it will all be worth it. I am all tingly with glee.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cousin Collin

This is for my nephew Collin. I found out he likes to look at my blog and see pictures of his cousins. Been awhile since I posted any of them. So here are random pics that never got posted. If you knew my nephew you would do anything for him too. Such a cutie.

Read Across America Day. The kids got to wear pj's!

Alicia at her riding lessons. I never got any great pictures. Hopefully after this whole house buying business gets out of the way we can see if horse riding lessons can come back. She misses horses.

We had a Halloween party and we bobbed for apples. The kids enjoyed it while it lasted.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

last chance

This is your last call to buy a raffle ticket for $20.00 for a 1 in 300 chance to win $1000.00 cash and a trip to Mexico!! Plus we may not even sell 300 tickets so your odds are pretty good. :)

Also there is still a little time left to buy a ticket for the auction and dinner on March 11. This auction is a lot of fun to go to. Ben and I enjoyed this one so much in the past that we thought we would try other silent auctions. I am here to tell you that they are not all the same. Stayton Christian School throws a great shindig. Lots of fun, laughter, great food and fun things to try to buy (or try to outbid friends on). You should try it for yourself!!

What are you waiting for?

PS. You can even sit at our table for dinner if you want. Doesn't that excite you?

Friday, February 25, 2011

I love the snow. Yesterday's snow was really pretty but the snow that fell last night and was left for this morning is just gorgeous. The kids had both yesterday and today off and they are in h.e.a.v.e.n. Last night I was going on and on about how pretty it was and Ben offered to drive us around town to see the beauty. It was fun. We made hot cocoa's and headed out to see what Stayton looked like with all the new white snow. We did see several families sledding and kids having snowball fights as we drove around. It was a great evening.

What is so weird that Ben works in Salem and they have no snow. WEIRD.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A great day

If this day did not happen 34 years ago I would not be married to the wonderful man I have now. I have heard the story about his birth many, many times now. It is still fun to hear. Martha and Gordon were watching Kojak (had never heard of it until this story) and right as the gun was shot Martha went into labor. :)

I have felt bad for Ben for years. With tax season his birthday just gets over looked. There just isn't ever a good time. Tonight is AWANA. I thought I would take Ben out to dinner while the kids were at church but it ended up that tonight is GRAND PRIX. So we will be at church watching our kids race cars. Not quite the birthday he may have hoped for but hey, he chose his profession, right? :)

Ben has been such a blessing to me and the kids. He is really good at being a provider, a role model, a leader. We all love him. Thank you God for creating this man and giving him to me for my time on earth. He has blessed me.

(Maybe he will get snow on his birthday!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have two tickets to the Science Circus at Elsinore this Sunday at 4:00 PM. I won them but will be out of town and would love for someone to be able to use them. maybe a date with one child?

So the kids are still selling raffle tickets for a 1 in 300 chance for a trip to Acapulco and $1000 cash. If you are interested let us know. They would love to call you. Also if you are interested in buying tickets to the auction, March 11, let me know and I will have a form mailed to you. This would be a good chance to check out an auction, for those of you who run an auction of your own. Get some ideas and have some fun. It really is a great night.


Still no news on the house. Things just move a bit slowly now adays.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I love this day. If I had lots of money I think I could go overboard. I love pink and red and warm fuzzy movies. I love chocolates and flowers and being told "I love you." So this is a day I love.

Tonight I am making steak and potatoes with asparagus. Then the Alicia will head off to basketball practice and I will get ready for Ben and I to have chocolate fondue with goodies and a cheesecake sampler from Harry and David when they get back and Alicia is in bed. Yummy!!!!

I recorded P.S. I Love You and am picking up The Time Travelers Wife at redbox. I have seen both but Ben hasn't. This is the one day a year that he will watch a girly movie with me.

Three years ago I made red and pink paper chains and I saved them and they go back up each year. I have special white heart plates that I bought at Harry and David two years ago and I will hunt them down for their yearly visit. This day is made of traditions. This is a day to say I love you family-husband, kids. I love who I am with you. I love what you have made me. I love us!

Happy Valentines to you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dum Dum's

I was supposed to receive Ethan's shoes for basketball today. Yesterday I went online and tracked it through UPS and it was on schedule. I then checked today and was a bit alarmed at what I saw. Anyone else see it?

Shipment Progress for 2 DAY DELIVERY
Portland, OR 02/10/2011 5:33 P.M. Arrival Scan
Roseburg, OR 02/10/2011 4:40 P.M. Departure Scan
02/10/2011 2:53 A.M. Arrival Scan
Portland, OR 02/09/2011 10:49 P.M. Departure Scan
02/09/2011 1:03 P.M. Arrival Scan
Roseburg, OR 02/09/2011 9:20 A.M. Departure Scan
02/09/2011 8:32 A.M. Arrival Scan
Sparks, NV 02/08/2011 10:48 P.M. Departure Scan
02/08/2011 6:09 P.M. Origin Scan
United States 02/08/2011 2:22 A.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

Yep- these little boy shoes went from Roseburg to Portland back to Roseburg then onto Portland again! Wondering if I will ever get these shoes. We would like them for his Saturday game.

Oh, I can't believe I didn't tell you blog followers of mine this funny story.

The velcro on Ethan's school/basketball shoes isn't sticking. I didn't know this last Saturday and sent him to his game wearing them. They kept falling off. It was awful. So I had Alicia remove her shoes and Ethan got to wear his sisters purple basketball shoes during his game. He was NOT a happy camper BUT they stayed on the rest of the game. SOOOOOO wish I had gotten a picture of him wearing them though.

Now you see the why we need these shoes to arrive before Saturday.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last summer when Alicia was off at camp we redid her room. It was so much fun and it gave me the itch to start decorating other rooms.

Ben and I have been sleeping under spare blankets picked up here and there for the last few years. In the 10+ that we have been married we have never really liked our bedding. Blankets are too short, don't fit around us, too scratchy, feel lumpy, etc. Just a few days ago when I was talking about bed blankets Ben asked if they actually make blankets for beds. UUUMMM, yes. Just like at hotel rooms. It is so sad that I have led my husband to believe that beds all over the world are as mismatched as ours. We also have never painted our bedroom since the day we moved in. That was supposed to happen this summer. But when we started house hunting I started to dream about a grown-up, romantic room. Ben and I decided we like the look of hotel rooms. (We had our two week road trip this last summer and saw quite a few hotel beds) That is what led me to this bedding set.

So I picked out my bedding from and then I found parts of it on ebay. The duvet I got had a small rip, that she repaired, on the backside and brought the price from $169.00 retail to $59.99. That was well worth a small repair to me. No one will ever see it and I saved a bundle. The duvet and a flat sheet came today. I ordered the porcelain blue (which I thought would be a pale grayish blue) but it is more a seafoam green color. Thankfully when I was trying to decide what to do in our room this shade of green was on the shortlist or I would be very sad. I am still a bit disappointed but I know it will work fine with the accent colors, two different shades of brown, I plan on using.

I would like to try to add this also from but in a white linen not burlap:
and made by me. The tutorial is at this website.

Now I have to take a sham (the duvet owner threw in a sham that had been ruined as an extra) to the paint store and start thinking about what colors our walls will be. Whether it is this house or in a future house. Who knew decorating could be so much fun!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration Feb 7.11

In the last week I have found so many things that I love for myself, things I like but won't use, or things I would love to try or buy.

So I am going to share them with you and share the sites that I found them at.

Centsational Girl traditional kids
First I love traveling. And my kids love maps. I think it is a great thing for kids to see maps, have easy access. This room is something I adore. Would love to do something similar someday.

From Living with Punks I found an item I will make some day. More specifically I will have someone make for me. hehe. I have an idea where I would like them to go and what I would like them to look like, but that will be another post.

Next from Crafty Sisters I found a mirror I would love to try and make someday. Not sure I will ever get to it but WOW.

Then I love about everything at 320 * Sycamore. The post I am linking is what first brought me to her blog. AMAZING.

Nursery contemporary kids
This room I love, I want to use some ideas for the kids.

I found the above decorated rooms at This site has an amazing amount of rooms that are decorated gorgeously. It lets you browse by style or room and see what you like and you can even ask questions about something in a room and people answer.

I want to share so much more so I will leave those for another post. There are some great blogs out there though with some women doing some amazing things for a great price. You should start checking them out and get inspired!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

As I dream of buying our new house I have been finding my self looking for new decorating ideas. This a bit new to me. I love visiting my friends house and seeing the way they decorate but never really felt the need to do it in this house. BUT I feel myself so connected to the "other" house that I am constantly thinking of what I want to do in each room. I have been perusing new blogs that focus on decorating and love the ones that focus on decorating cheaply. I have found a few items that I plan on buying at some point. I am now trying to figure out how I will afford all I want to do. It will definitely have to be a process. But I am so excited.

Do you have decorating blogs you follow? Or magazines you get ideas from? TV Shows? Any help?

I am now wanting to go antiquing and try flea markets. Does anyone know of any great areas for these (besides Silverton or Aurora.) Been checking craigslist but this area just doesn't have much.

Friday, February 4, 2011

save the hands!!

The last couple of weekends we have been trying to get the house in order to rent. Yard work, a few repairs, etc. We headed into Salem and bought a dishwasher at Lowes. It came in yesterday so this morning I took the long way into town to pick it up. Drove through the country and took pleasure in Gods creation and no traffic. (Sounds very cheesey but it's the truth!) So many animals were out today. the new dishwasher was carefully placed in my van and now sits in my driveway. I am not sure when it will be hooked up but I am so excited!!! No more hand washing dishes. No more dishes in the sink or on the counter. I am thrilled.

But on a very sad note, as I drove home today I had my first causality of driving. A bird smacked the top of my van. It was headed towards my window so I was glad it at least flew up a bit so I didn't have to see the killing. very sad.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines Day

So what are you guys doing for Valentines Day? I need ideas. For years past we have put the kids to bed and pulled out cheese and chocolate fondues while watching a romantic movie. The problem is fondue can get expensive and we don't eat all of it and there is no movie out right now (on DVD) that I would feel a good V-Day movie. I am at a loss. Especially with Ben's birthday just a week after.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Water Works

Boy, Hallmark really knows how to make tear jerkers. I recorded The Lost Valentine last night and watched it today. Cry, cry, cry. I have been blessed with 10+ years with my love. I shouldn't take any of those for granted.

Even the Hallmark commercials get me. Usually I fast forward through commercials but these, these I watch. Watch and cry through.

This morning after Ethan crawled in bed with us he asked Ben, "Would you give our house to a poor person?" How do you answer that kind of a question. Ethan has such an amazing heart. He truly hurts for those in need. When he sees people hurting he always wants to help and if he can't help he will think about it and want to talk about it for quite awhile. I wish I could get inside his head and know what he is thinking, where his thoughts come from and where they go. I can't wait to see what God has planned for his life.

Friday, January 28, 2011

no change

Some of you have been asking how the house hunting is going. We put an offer on a house and after some back and forth we have an agreement and are now in escrow. Now it is a waiting game. There hasn't been much change in the last week and they said today it will be a few more weeks before we hear more. They have to schedule an appraisal and the underwriting. We did have an inspection done this week and it got a great score. We are happy. I am trying not to get too excited. So many things can still go wrong. But I am looking at new bedding. Trying to figure out how I want to decorate our new bedroom, what colors to use, what feel we want. I have to tell myself to not get too excited, not be too disappointed if it doesn't work out. But it is a real charmer. I fell in love right away. But I do love my house now so I will be just fine if we have to try again on a different house. (gotta keep telling myself this.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick Day

When I am sick I like to watch movies that I have seen before. Movies I am comfortable with, have the lines memorized, could miss a few minutes of(if I decide to take a short cat nap) and already know what happened.
Today I am sick and I have the first Harry Potter movie in. I may watch a couple in the series today. I am also munching on a strawberry popsicle tucked under my soft blue blanket with the fire on. Sounds wonderful, except, I feel yucky. But I am on strict orders to get better TODAY so I am doing whatever it takes to be a submissive wife and obey. :)

As a sidetracked note
, I think one of the best things about these movies is the music. The music is whimsical, haunting, enchanting. When I hear it on a commercial to go to the Harry Potter Park in Orlando I feel moved to go buy tickets and go right this minute. It excites me. End of note.

Friday, January 21, 2011

one less child

It probably seems strange that I keep talking about families adopting from Ethiopia. No, we are not adopting! but these stories have captured my heart. Today a particular post caught my attention I wanted to share it with you. It is about the American family meeting the Ethiopian mother and the emotions that go with that. The adoptive mother just has a way with words and I found myself crying for the loss. Please take a moment and read it.
When we Belong

I have read, and now follow, many blogs on adopting from Ethiopia. This country is losing so many children. I am so grateful that Americans are able to adopt these children, give them a future. But I feel saddened that they are losing their beautiful babies. I just hurt for this country. A country with people God created. With people God loves. But a country that cannot care for their people. It hurts my heart.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sad facts we should all be aware of

I have been following a few blogs of families adopting children from Ethiopia. I am not sure why but the whole process fascinates me. Today I found one blog with statistics that just make me want to cry. O, who am I kidding, I did cry. Thought I would share those facts with you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

on a hunt

This weekend was a bit out of the norm. We don't usually visit Ben's parents in Portland and we don't normally go house hunting .

yep, house hunting. We are looking for a house in Sublimity. Our realtor, Levi Wilson of Ned Baker Real Estate, has shown us a few houses. There are only a few houses to really look at. Not a lot for sale right now. But we have a couple on our possible list and are hoping some more go up for sale. It's fun to go through houses and see what we like or don't like. What we think is important and what we think is bad design. What we would pay for and what we think is not worth it to our family. We aren't in a huge rush so we can try to be patient but once I start something I become obsessed. Patience isn't really something I was born with. And we don't really want to be still looking when interest rates start to climb back up. We want to be locked into a great rate.

I have been trying to go through our stuff to prepare for an eventual move day. Thankfully for me, but not for them, my inlaws are out of town so I used their garbage can this last week. :) Which leads me to the other thing we did this weekend.

Almost every Sunday of my kids existence has been spent at the Wilson's house. But today and last Sunday they have been in Portland. Martha's mother had her lung removed and is still at the hospital. So last night we went up and saw the parents. Colleen could not have visitors because of a risk of virus' but we wanted to spend time with Gordon and Martha. We went out for dinner and saw where they have been staying the last few weeks. The kids were very happy to see them.

So it was a different weekend, but a weekend that might become more normal as the hunt continues. It has been 8ish years since we last looked at houses and so much has changed in what we want in a house. It's fun and I am thankful we have a patient realtor.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This month I am spending time going through every cabinet, cupboard, nook and cranny and cleaning, organizing, and purging. Really what I am doing is tossing "stuff." Stuff I have kept thinking I will use someday. I want to have a cleaner more organized house. I have already put a few boxes of junk, I mean treasure, away for a garage sale. I also have the BIGGEST bag of garbage and I only went through our game area and two cabinets in the kitchen! I thought I would have a garage sale in the spring but now I am thinking a garage sale in February/March might be better. :) I am going to have to pace myself or I won't have enough room in the garbage can this week.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year, new goals

This year I have made a few goals for myself. Not resolutions but goals. There are things I want to get done this year or things I want to work on.
One thing I want to do is not only stick to our budget but stay well under it so I can put the excess away in a savings--for fun things not in our budget.

One way to do this is to be much better about meal planning. I have created my January menu(and therefore grocery list). When I plan meals out and buy the ingredients needed beforehand I am more apt to go to the grocery store less and to not go out to eat when I can't think of something to make. I am also making sure that at least once a week I make something to put away in our freezer. I would like to have enough dinners put away so that we don't use our eating out budget--more for saving.

Another thing I started, and plan on continuing, is reading to my kids at bedtime. We all have been enjoying this time together. I know a lot of families already do this but it was never something my kids wanted. Now that they do I don't want this time to go to waste. I want them to remember when their mom read them classics as children.

I also am doing the Chronological Bible in a year. I am excited to try this. I have read the other Bible's-in-a-year but I have never read it in this way and it has been awhile too. It sounds very interesting to me.

There are a few other goals I have set and a few other plans we have made as a family but those are more personal. All this is to say I am excited about 2011. I think this is going to be a great year. A year of growth.

Now my questions to you. What do you plan to accomplish this year? What books do you suggest I read after the Narnia series to my kids? And what are some of your favorite dinners, I am always looking for new ideas.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing you a year of love, growth and new adventures. I know I plan on it!