Friday, March 18, 2011

Continue to pray

Collin had found an Easter basket and had it on his head. :)

I ask you all to continue to pray for my nephew. Things are not going rosily. :) Leukemia may be curable and this may be the most common childhood cancer but it is not normal, not routine. His family is up at Doernbechers again. They went home Monday and then headed back up Wednesday after Collin came down with a fever. This time they may be there weeks. (UPDATE: Things are going better and they may come home sooner!!!! WOOHOO) Collin just isn't doing well. They need prayer as this takes them away from home and work. They are not making money and spending A LOT of money. They are watching their boy be poked and prodded and never know what may happen. Rachel is also just weeks away from having their second child.

This SUCKS. But prayer works. So the Wilson family continue to ask everyone to pray for Danny, Rachel and Collin. God can heal his body. God can bring peace to a family. We also want to bring glory to our God even through cancer. Dirty C word.

Alicia, Danny, Collin and Ethan. We were lucky enough to see Collin on Tuesday night before he unexpectedly headed back up to the hospital the next day. While he is up there the cousins cannot see him because of a RSV threat. So this made my kids' night.

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