Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sometimes words fail

I have thought about typing a post like the one coming for years. I know I am blessed. Not only with my husband, kids and family but with good friends. When I was in college I made a circle of friends for life. We have all stayed friends over the years and I even have some girlies that I get together with almost every month. When I say they are my "friends" that word does not do it justice. They are like sisters. They are what I would imagine sorority sisters would be like. We have lived together, been with each other for boyfriends/husbands, children, new jobs, parents getting sick, parents passing away. We have seen each other at our very best and our ugly worst. These girls are beyond special to me. I know I would be there in a second if they needed me and I trust they would do the same for me. They are the first people I texted when my dad had his heart attack last year and they were the first people I will text on Thursday when the house becomes ours. They are a part of me.

All this to say that one of these girls lost her mom last night. Her mother had a heart attack Friday and then a stroke yesterday. They had to let her go because of bleeding on the brain. So when I say I am taking a dinner to a friend today no one understands that I am taking dinner to my sister, my friend, a part of who I am. When I say my heart breaks for her and her family, it truelly breaks as she owns a part of my heart. Sometimes words are not enough to get across the relationship you have with someone.

So if you have a prayer time today I would love for you to add Karen and her very large family to your prayers. They all need it. I covet your prayers for them.


Carrie said...

I am so sorry to hear...she is lucky to have you!

momaof4 said...

Love you sweet friend. Thank you for that dinner too. You are a sister to me. We love you guys

Amy said...

Still praying and praying for comfort! I love you and Karen!