Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have always told myself I would not try to pressure friends to join things. :) Some of you know where this is now going. But yesterday I joined Expotv. I have seen some of my friends make some money doing this and so I finally joined myself. I have already gotten $14.00 in my account. I figured I should at least give my friends the option to try to make some extra money so I MUST share. What you do is video yourself reveiwing an item. So far I have mostly done books. You have to do a minimum 1 minute video and then post it on the site. After they accept it they will give you $2/$5/$10. Books are $2, but it adds up. This month there is a maximum of 50 videos so I am hoping to get 10 in a day to make $100.00 by the end of the month. Then they deposit your money in a paypal account the following month. If any of you are interested here is a link below. I do have to say that watching myself on video has spurred me on to losing weight and then when I accomplish that a new hairdo. :) But it will not stop me from videoing myself and making money. LOL As they say, "everyone has their price," mine must be 2 bucks.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alicia's First Awana Grand Prix

Alicia was able to race in her first Awana Grand Prix this year as a sparkie. In January we headed to my parents house and my dad built a beautiful car. Then Alicia and daddy spent the last 3 weeks painting it for the race tonight. The above picture is Alicia putting the primer on. This was very serious business.
We got to church and Alicia signed her car in and we went and found some seats. After what felt like a zillion races they called number 18. Finally, our turn. First race her car came in second out of 3 and the next race she came in third out of 4. This meant she was out. But she had a great time and she loved her car.

(In the picture this is the first race and her car is number 18. The red car with the black spoiler with the yellow stickers.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Happy Birthday Dear friend. You make my life much more full. Thank you for your friendship.


Well I just got back from a weekend away with friends. We go every year and every year since having children I get all worried about my kids and call whichever grandparents are watching them. This year I did not call once. I figured they would be having a great time and not want to stop to talk with us. Boy was I right. We got home late Sunday so when they saw us Monday morning they were both like we want to go back and Alicia even said I didn't miss you mommy I missed daddy!! HUH? :) But I guess not soon after we left Saturday Alicia got sick. The tummy flu. EWWWW. She was sick all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We got her back nice and healthy though. :) If I had called I am not sure what I would have done. But Alicia is a really good sick. She becomes really lovey and never complains. I actually enjoy when she is sick because she sits quietly in my lap. :) So Grammy said it was just fine. She got a calm Alicia and when Alicia was napping Ethan got a lot of one-on-one time with Grammy and Papa.

Okay I do admit when I told Ethan I missed him he said, "I missed you too mommy!" with a kiss and hug. So someone did miss me.

(So there is my new blog for you Becky. Not very interesting but it is new!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

just an average week

I haven't blogged in the last week because really there is nothing all that exciting going on. Ben has started his busy season and worked his first Saturday, Ethan had a very small cold, we had our weekly small group that dealt with Pontius Pilate and "truth." o, and watched the first LOST this season!! Ben and I have been looking forward to this and the even brought me home a special dessert for our special night. But overall just a normal week for the Wilsons.

Tonight is Ben and the kids normal Tuesday swimming night. Most Tuesdays they head down to the Stayton pool at 7:30 and swim for an hour. Thursday Alicia has to get two more shots. We thought last time we were in that she had all she needed for school but we got a letter today saying unless she gets two more shots in by the 20th she cannot go to school!! Boy does that scare a girl.
So now you are all caught up in our mundane, but really good lives.