Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have always told myself I would not try to pressure friends to join things. :) Some of you know where this is now going. But yesterday I joined Expotv. I have seen some of my friends make some money doing this and so I finally joined myself. I have already gotten $14.00 in my account. I figured I should at least give my friends the option to try to make some extra money so I MUST share. What you do is video yourself reveiwing an item. So far I have mostly done books. You have to do a minimum 1 minute video and then post it on the site. After they accept it they will give you $2/$5/$10. Books are $2, but it adds up. This month there is a maximum of 50 videos so I am hoping to get 10 in a day to make $100.00 by the end of the month. Then they deposit your money in a paypal account the following month. If any of you are interested here is a link below. I do have to say that watching myself on video has spurred me on to losing weight and then when I accomplish that a new hairdo. :) But it will not stop me from videoing myself and making money. LOL As they say, "everyone has their price," mine must be 2 bucks.


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momaof4 said...

2$ huh? ;)

Love you...have to look into it.