Sunday, March 2, 2008

In a good mood

I am in the mood to write something to you all (I am in a good mood) but am clueless as to what. It has been a good weekend. Friday night we had our small group and it was a time of honesty and therefore a time of growth in our friendships. It also convicted me of my prayer time with Him. I need to be in prayer more for my friends and family. I am excited to really work on this area of my life.

Then Saturday night we had our old friends the Riddles over. This is always a fun time. We eat and play games while the kids play. Jill brought matching nightgowns for the girls and they looked so cute.

One of my friends had a baby girl Friday, leap day. I have been really excited for this friend to have her baby but when I heard it was a leap day baby I got even more excited. What a rare child Amara is. The odds of having a leap year child is 1 in 1,461!

Well I am off to teach little 4 and 5 year olds about Jesus this morning. I haven't taught in a class that my children haven't been in EVER so this will be a new experience.


momaof4 said...

Different birthday, different name, but pretty!!!

How did your retreat go? That is something to write about!!!

Hope teaching went well too!! Love you girl!

Red Lioness said...

Did Shane tell you HI for me? It was nice to see them at Owen's party, and I specifically said to tell you all hi...but he's a guy and who knows if the message got sent. :-) So, HI. I miss you and would love a visit sometime!