Monday, March 3, 2008

My sweet little boy

Last week I was doing a puzzle with Ethan. I looked over and was taken back. He had this burn on his nose and forehead! I asked what happened and he really has no idea. Then yesterday at Papa and Grammy's he fell off the truck sand box and gave himself a fat lip. His face is just a mess. :) I cannot wait until it heals but part of me is a bit afraid. The last time he scratched his face pretty bad it left a nice scar down his cheek. I sure hope these do not leave scars too. Pretty soon they will call him scarface!


momaof4 said...

Love it!! True boy.

The picture of Isaac doesn't show it all, he was scraped up his head, cheek, chin, and even his neck!! He thought is was pretty funny to tell people what happend :)

Lots of neosporine, or however you spell it! :)

Duo Na said...

Ethan almost sounds Irish. "I hurt me self." Kinda looks it too. :o)

February Jill said...

Hey Dee,
Hope Ethan looks better soon so you don't have to have a visit from children's service to make sure you're not abusing him!
By the way, in case you didn't read my blog, we've got the pukes here at our house. I hope you guys don't get it.