Thursday, March 27, 2008

Disney on the brain

Last week I booked our January 2009 vacation! So now I keep checking flight prices, looking at restaurants I want to go to, what extra activities I want us to do, What clothes I may need to make, etc. It is so fun. We are taking Ben's parents, Grammy and Papa. They have never been so I want them to have a good time and I want to make lots of memories for our kids. July 5 I get to call and make my ADR's for Disney food. That means our Advanced Dining Reservations. :) So between now and then I know I will perfect a schedule then scratch it and make a more perfect schedule a thousand times. I am also buying transfer papers to try my hand at some iron ons for some tee shirts and making the kids activity books for the plane.

I love to plan. I think when my kids get older I may look into being a travel agent. I just get such a high from this. Because of this you will probably hear more then you want of my trip to Disney World before now and January!! O, and did I say I will be there in time to see some of the great Christmas decorations and events. YIPPEE. I love the holidays.


shane.riddle said...

Fun times. Planning is fun.
And our Disneyland trip is less than a week away. Elsa is so excited she can hardly stand it.
She said yesterday, "Dad, I wish it was NO Days until we leave for Disneyland."
Can't wait...

momaof4 said...

Share it all!!! I love to hear about it and all the fun things you learn.