Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have a 6 year old!

Today is Alicia's 6th Birthday. 6 sounds so big! Six years ago today it was snowing! At this time six years ago I wasn't even sure if I was having a girl or a boy! We were blessed with a little girl though. Alicia Elizabeth!

She started off her morning with a smoothie (her favorite) and then daddy took of some time off work to take her to school. Then I will go into her class today and bring homemade chocolate chip cookies (that her and daddy made together last night) for her party. After school is out we will head into Salem to eat lunch with daddy and open presents. Tonight is AWANA so there is not time between when daddy gets home and they leave to have dinner, cake and open presents! What a busy day. Sunday we are taking one best friend and one cousin to see Horton Hears A Who! This is what she has been planning for about a month when she saw it was coming out right around her birthday. :) They even have it here in Stayton at the Star Cinema so we will save some money by not having to go to Salem to watch it.


momaof4 said...


What a fun idea, love the movie idea, keeps it small and afordable :)

Have a fun crazy busy day!!!!
Love you.

shane.riddle said...

Happy Birthday Alicia!

Wow Dee. We aren't old enough to have our kids grow up already are we? My how time flies... :-)