Monday, March 31, 2008

You asked for it!

Well all I needed was one person to say I could blab all I wanted about my upcoming trip. So I am going to start with how we decided where to stay. Did you know Disney has hotels for every budget, economy, moderate and deluxe. They have them in all areas of their park and they even have DVC, Disney Vacation Club. (DVC is a timeshare)

Before our last WDW trip I studied everything I could get my hands on and decided to rent points from a DVC owner. This got us really great accommodations at a fraction of the price. It wasn't as cheap as economy but was really close to moderate prices. It was nerve racking finding someone to rent points from. The reservations are really not yours, they are still the owners so you have to trust that they will make book your reservations and not take off with all your hard earned Disney money. It worked last year so we decided to do it again for our upcoming 2009 trip. We are renting points to stay in a 2 bedroom DVC unit at Saratoga Springs Resort. This also gets us a nice living area, kitchen and laundry machines. SSR is close to Downtown Disney but further then other hotels to the parks. But the Disney transportation is great so we don't care.

We had discussed getting a condo off site as you can rent one for a great price. But Ben does not want to rent a car and drive. He likes that once he arrives at the airport Disney does it all. They pick you up from the Orlando airport, for free, and take you to your hotel. Then you can use Disney transportation for everything else, buses, boats and monorail. So he vetoed my idea of saving money for his idea of vacation. O, how I love vacation!


Amy said...

I'm glad you're going to be sharing all the steps. We'd love to go again, last time Ryan's Mom planned everything, so it's nice to know what to do, or not to do. Thanks for asking me to write the birth story, I wanted to write it so I'd have it for Anna someday, but I needed a push to do it. I tried not to include all of the details so my Dad (and other male readers) wouldn't be totally grossed out! :)

momaof4 said...

loovvveeee it. Now link things so we can have a sneak peak :) I am so demanding!!!

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