Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Free Fun!

Last night we had a fun evening out. Ben had gotten an Olive Garden card from my parents and so we went out to eat. I always get the Tour of Italy so I can have enough to take home for lunch the next day. (Which I will be eating here in an hour or so --yummy!) Then after dinner we headed over to Toys R Us. Alicia gets a stamp every day at school if she is good. If she gets a full month of stamps Ben has told her we will get her a new toy. Well it is very hard for my talker to get a full months worth of those hard earned stamps. Usually she misses it by just one stamp! She completed a full month in October and then finally got one this March! So she was rewarded with a new toy at Toys R US. Ben also bought Ethan and him a new lego toy. :) And the best part was someone had given us a $40.00 visa gift card so the toys were free. (Alicia also got a $3.00 gift card from ToysRUs for her birthday. If you havne't already you should sign your kids up for the birthday club online!) So we had free dinner and had free toys and then when we got home Ben took Ethan swimming with the 6 month member pass his mother had gotten him. So all around fun evening all for free. Got to love these kind of nights. This morning I spent about an hour putting together his lego Mars Mission Transformer Fighter! It is pretty cool!
An addendum: Today is April 2 and Alicia did not get her stamp. So you can see how hard this is for her. :)

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momaof4 said...


That is a very hard thing to do. She is a wonderful talker, I love it.

Got to llloooovvvveeee Free!!!! yay :)