Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Childrens Audio Books

So I decided about two weeks ago to look into books on CD for our upcoming trips. I thought I would try them out at home before we get in the van and expect them to occupy our kids for hours. At first Alicia said, "what is this? There are no pictures!" But I told her to use her imagination. So we listened to Geronimo Stilton books 4-6, all about mice on adventures, here in the house. Alicia loved it. I actually found this one to be a bit old for her though but she still thought it was funny. Next we tried Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and we listened to it when we went to see my dad on Saturday. Again Alicia loves it. I wish I could show you pictures of Alicia's face as she concentrates on the stories. So funny. I have another in the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series and a Boxcar Children audio for or our upcoming trip to Seattle. So for Alicia's kindergarten graduation in May we got her an engraved ipod shuffle so she can listen to the books without all of us having to as well. Ethan doesn't seem to care for them yet (read he doesn't have the attention span yet) so this way she can listen to her shuffle and he can rock to whatever mommy and daddy listen to. :)

Do any of you have any other books your kids enjoy to listen to? I cannot belive we hadn't done this yet. I need to get more as Alicia loves to come home from school and listen to them.


Amy said...

I found a site that lets you download free audiobooks onto your iPod. They have kids and adults books. Here's the site:
Hope that helps! :)

momaof4 said...

Do you have an IPOD??? I am jealous.

I have several if you want to borrow them. Curious George. Hank the Cow Dog (you and Ben would like this one too) Adventures in Odessy (kids love these! we started at one an are working our way through) Charletts Web. And other short stories.

Let me know I can bring them out to you :) What fun!!! I need to try the boxcar ones too. I think the boys would love them.

February Jill said...

An Ipod? For kindergarden graduation? Really?

What a lucky girl!