Thursday, May 1, 2008


I guess Alicia getting an ipod is strange to you guys! :) It cost $70.00 with shipping and engraving included in that at It is tiny as it is a shuffle, not a full blown ipod. I do not have an ipod but I don't really listen to music. Alicia does. I thought about buying a discman but Ben thought to spend 30 dollars on an outdated gadget would be silly. I had to agree. This thing is so cute, we got it today. It got here in 2 days!!!

I cannot wait to put some books on this thing. I am not very good at technical stuff but I want to have them on there before she opens it. She will love it! And I may be borrowing it soon while I work out.

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February Jill said...

She is going to be the coolest little girl around! And you are a nice mom and dad for putting books on it for her. What did you engrave on it?