Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Disney Update

I was looking back through all my posts and the last time I let you in on our Disney plans was in March. March! You guys must be anxiously awaiting an update! So here it is! Nothing is going on! We are at a little over 7 months to go so I can't really do anything. :( Since our lodging is booked all I can do is wait for July 5, 180 days from our vacation date, when I can call and make dining reservations. I have been buying our tickets though. I do some online surveys and reward programs and the last two month I have used that money to buy a Disney ticket. So I have 2 put aside at this point. I also have been setting aside Disney Gift Cards as I earn those for paying for the DDP, Disney Dining Plan. So all I am really doing right now is saving money. I hope to be able to pay for all the dining and all the Disney tickets myself. Then Ben will be paying the lodging and airline tickets, the big money items. :) I have been checking airline prices and have watched them go from what I thought was fairly high to outrageously high! I know they will go back down but it isn't fun to see those prices now. Once Southwest lets their prices out for January the other airlines will lower theirs too. So it is a waiting game. I would love to fly out of Salem with Delta but right now they are triple the price of flying from PDX. Even with price of gas from Stayton to Portland that isn't going to work.
But just because I haven't posted about Disney in awhile and won't be posting again about it until July don't think I am not thinking of this vacation almost daily. Because I am. :) Sometimes the anticipation is just as much fun.

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February Jill said...

I know just what you mean about anticipation! Each time you find a great deal or a coupon or set some money aside and you know just what you'll spend it on, it's so much fun. I can see that you are a planner like me!