Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost- - - SPOILERS

Lost season finale was on last night. I have been looking forward to this for a few weeks but I really just wanted to go to bed after my day yesterday, read post below. So I went and got myself a Pepsi and made myself stay up and watch it. It was really good. Better then usual because they actually gave us some new information, like Locke dies! and the island does move. Is it bad to say that I just want this show to end? I just want to know what happens. I am not usually the type to read the last few pages of a book but I so want to do that with LOST. Knowing there are only two more seasons which run from January-May I know we are getting close and I just want to know!
My favorite scene from the 2 hours was Sawyer kissing Kate goodbye before jumping out of the copter and being a hero, AGAIN! Now that was a kiss. I so want to know what he whispered in Kates ear!
So many unanswered questions!


momaof4 said...

I am waiting till it is ALL done! Theny I want to get the seasons and watch them strait threw.

There have been so many weird ending to our shows this year. I keep telling Darren, OH! if they kill that person I won't watch it any more...right!???

Love you!

February Jill said...

That show makes me crazy! I still watch it every week, but I only grow more and more confused... or lost, if you will. But somehow I just can't stay away.

Amy said...

I think he wispered in her ear to tell Clementine (his daughter) something from him, or to give her money or something. That's the errand that Kate ran for Sawyer in the flashforward.