Monday, June 2, 2008

Playset update

This is last Saturday.
Ben worked half a day that Friday and then ALL day Saturday working on this project. He even worked in the rain for me. I wanted him to get it done so that THIS weekend it would be done for Ethan's birthday party. So he got it done and we had a great time. Alicia and Ethan call it "the park in the backyard."

And then the completed "park."

Do you thinnk the kids are having fun? We left the yellow baby seat on for Ethan's party so the little ones could swing too. Now we will take that off and put another blue seat on.


momaof4 said...

Hope the rain didn't keep them off of it this weekend! What a funny Sunday weather wise.

Happy 4th birthday Ethan!!!!!

February Jill said...

Man what a great backyard. I wish gas wasn't so darn expensive or we could meet you at the "park." Maybe sometime this summer... :)