Thursday, June 26, 2008

WICKED and other books

For the last year I have been part of a book club. The choice for this summer was WICKED. I had heard really good things about the musical so I was really looking forward to reading this book. I had a lady order my book along with a bunch for other women and last Sunday she brought it to me at church. She handed it to me and said to hide it. :) She was only half joking. She had read most of it and was a little embarrassed that it had been her choice for the book club. I thought she may be overly cautious, until I started to read it. I actually never finished the book. I cannot think of one time in all my life that I have not finished a book, or at least jumped to the end to see how it turned out if not going to finish one. Some of you may have know how many books I have read and know that this is really really unusual. I just could not get past the all the sexual scenes. And they are not "normal" sexual scenes. I later read some on the web and found out that the musical is very loosely based on the book. They took one part of the story and ran that direction. Sounds like that was smart. :) Anyway I want to warn any of you who have thought of reading this book to really think hard before you do. Though it may very well have turned out to be great book I just cannot promote it.

But on another note I found a new author I am enjoying. Kristen Heitzmann. She is a Christian writer but her books have something that a lot of Christian writers are missing. I am not sure what it is but I really enjoy her books! Thanks Kim for letting me borrow some, Secrets and Unforgotten. I am now waiting to get the 3rd in the series!

Also if you are looking for some good children books we have just heard every Mrs. Piggle Wiggle on CD there is. I highly suggest this series. We have listened to them on long car rides but I know they are also really good books, the kind you touch and turn pages. :) Great for kids imaginations. We laugh alot when we listen to them. Go try them!

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momaof4 said...

Thanks for the warning. I have had several friends say they read a book and couldn't put it down. Now i have to go see what it was, cuase I have totally forgotten. Though i am still working my way through the Housewives eating bon bons :)

Love you