Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer schedules

I just love when school ends and summer starts! (I also love when summer ends and school starts back up as well.) I have been getting up with the kids, getting them a drink and snack and then getting back in bed! SHHHH! don't tell anyone. Then about 8 o'clock I get up and we look at our day. Today was their first day of "tumbling blocks" at the YMCA here in Stayton. It is just early gymnastics for 4-6 year olds. This will be Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few weeks. Also on Tuesdays our local library has "story time" and the summer reading program started today! Then we have Wednesday park dates with moms and kids from church through the summer. There is also the occasional free movies on Tuesdays and our trip to the Redwoods in July. I am also thinking of having Alicia do a tennis camp ran by the highschool in August. Summer to me just means FUN FUN and more FUN! I also got to lay out in the sun yesterday while the kid stook a nap inside. So very relaxing. Summer has begun!!!


February Jill said...

Wow, I love your optimism! I get bogged down in the endlessness of it. What I want is to have a huge list of events and times to place on my calendar. It sounds like you have a lot going on, maybe I will too when I'm done with the baby stage.

momaof4 said...

Wow girl! You are keeping busy. I take the other road, the lets just play all day!! :) Sometimes we go out, but I like to hunker down at home. At least this summer. We are still geting the house into a home, and projects up the yang to do!
If you want to tag up for a movie I am all for that!!!!