Saturday, June 14, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

Last night we got back from a small vacation trip to great Wolf Lodge in Centralia, Washington. It was a grand trip. We left the house around 9:30 Thursday morning. We made it to Salem where we went through the rainforest jungle! (This, to you adults, is known as a "car wash.") Then we hit I-5. Somewhere just past the Washington border we stopped at a nice rest area where we had sack lunches I had packed. We thought it was going to be a warmer day but we were all freezing. We then got back in the van and continued on to THE GREAT WOLF LODGE! We were allowed to check in at 1:00 and I had been told that we wouldn't get our room until 3:00 but we could start swimming right away. We stood in line for awhile as everyone else got there at 1:00 as well and then we found that our room was ready! We got our wrist bands that allowed us into the water area and also had our credit card attached. This was a great thing as you don't really want to carry around cash when you are wearing a swimsuit and wet. If you need anything you just let them scan your wristband! Anyway, back to check in. We got our room assignment and went back to the van and got all our junk. We got to our room and got into our bathing suits. We spent a few hours swimming and then we came back to our room for a few more hours before going back to swimming. They have a wave pool, a little kid area, a play set area with two water slides and all kind of water features, and 3 more adult style slides. Ethan and Alicia of course did not like the same things so we were separated a lot. But it was still fun. I would like to go there with just Ben and just do the adult slides and wave pool. :) I took a water camera but I am not sure when I will get those developed.
The kids loved the room just as much as the swimming! This is their sleeping area. It is like a little cave area that they call a wolf den. :) It has bunk beds and their own little tv. The kids loved loved loved this area!
We got back to our room and the 4th NBA final game was on so I lost Ben. :) I went to Pizza Hut that they have there in the building and ordered food. Again swiping my wristband. We ate dinner and then I took the kids down to the first floor for songs and story time at 8:00. It was a bit corny but a fun thing to do ONCE. Then I went and got myself a hot chocolate there at the Starbucks they have right by the front desks! So nice to have a full size Starbucks there!
I took the kids back upstairs and got them to bed. I read and Ben finished up his game and then it was lights out for the adults as well. Here is the thing. The pool is open until 10 and they have this treasure hunt game that goes until 10. But we could hear kids being very loud in the hallways up until midnight. At 10 some kid banged and banged on our door. I opened it and he realized he had the wrong room and that our lights were out. I think he felt bad. So this lodge is not an place to go expecting to get a lot of rest.
The next morning we got our bags packed and to the van and we headed to the pool at opening, 9 0'clock! We swam for awhile and then headed into town for lunch and some outlet shopping. Then we went back to the lodge for more swimming. We had thought we would stay until closing but at 4 we headed out. The kids were pretty tired.
It was a really nice time. Next time we may go for 2 nights just because it would allow us to go back to our room and take a nap or rest that second day and take advantage of more swimming. It will also be nice to have Ethan a bit older and taller. Alicia was tall enough to go down the Bigger slides but they were a bit scary for her. When Ethan is tall enough I know he will enjoy the fast slides and then we can take him with us instead of leaving one of us with 2 kids. They also have a spa there and a children's spa area called SCOOPS. I think it would be fun do do this with Alicia. Besides the treasure hunt they have crafts every hour you can do. It costs like $5.00 a craft and they looked pretty cool. There is also an arcade that a lot of moola could be thrown around in. Overall we didn't spend all that much but boy a person could be tempted. Next time I may save more to be able to do some of the fun things that cost extra. :)

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