Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 years ago today

Today is Ethan's Birthday. Do you want to know how I spent my first waking hours of this day?! Searching high and low for said son! Ben woke me up at 5:00 when he got out of bed. I noticed lights were on and our door was open. He was gone a bit and came and got back into bed. I asked him something (I cannot remember as it is early morning) and he said he couldn't find Ethan but he was sure he was in his top bunk. Well, being a mom that just does not cut it. So I went in his room and found NO Ethan! I searched the living room, dining room, laundry room, Alicia's room-NO Ethan. At this point I have told Ben that I cannot find Ethan! So he and I are going back through the rooms. Still No Ethan. Next, I went to our room and check the coset and there he stands. He tells me with a bit of a cry and a pout that something scared him in his room and he couldn't sleep. I was so relieved to see this little stinker! He had taken his blankie and a stuffed animal and was sleeping under Bens dress shirts in the closet. He climbed into bed with us where he and Ben promptly fell back asleep and I lay in bed AWAKE for the next 2 hours!
Sunday we had Ethan's spiderman birthday party. I had planned on this being an outside party but when we woke up Sunday it was raining. So I quickly decided it would be an indoor party. That meant a little more house cleaning then I had first thought I may do. :) Anyway we had a great time and it never rained so the kids played outside most of the time and I was able to do the fun outside things I had planned.
Like Spidermen making webs: (They were supposed to be wearing the spiderman masks I had!)
This was a big hit. The kids all had a can of silly string but the adults seemed to take over and it was a loud, fun mess.
And then there was pop-its:
But the best part was the presents. He got some great ones this year. He loves them all, walkie talkies, legos, trucks, books, a tent. But I think his favorite is the bike we got him. He has been riding it around the house for the last two days while Alicia is at school. I sure do love my birthday boy!


February Jill said...

Dee, you are one of my favorite blogs to read because you always have new material to read.
Happy Birthday Ethan and congrats to Alicia, moving up to 1st grade!

momaof4 said...

Hmm, I know what to get Ben for his birthday! :)

What a fun day! He is looking so much older too! I can't believe it!