Monday, June 30, 2008

Almost time

I am at 186 days until we got to Disney! :) That means on Saturday I can call Disney and make my ADR's for our dining. You have no idea how many hours I have poured into reviewing restaurants and changing my mind over and over. But it is so fun. Whenever Ben would turn on some boring history channel show I would grab the computer and dream away! :)

I am just listing the table service places we will eat at as those are the ones that need reservations. There are some really good counter service places I also have planned but will not list those.

Walt Disney World has what the call the DDP or Disney Dining Plan. This year, 2008, you got 1 table service, one counter service and a snack credit for 37.99 ADULT and 9.99 CHILD. I have heard that in 2009 this may change some but at this time we are planning on doing this again. It was so nice to prepay our food and was also cheaper for us. And since we are bringing Ben's parents it will be nice to just have this paid so they don't worry about how much they are spending. They can get whatever they want and it will just be 1 credit! Very nice.

Day 1 -ARRIVE I am ordering pizza from a place called Giordano's that is supposed to be the BOMB. :) I am looking forward to it.

Day 2 -Hollywood Studios we will just do counter services as this park does not have very good table services.

Day 3 -Magic Kingdom 1900 Park Fare (at the Grand Floridian hotel) for breakfast and Kona (at the Polynesian hotel) for dinner

Day 4 -our free day, Boma (at the Animal Kingdom lodge) for breakfast
I think we will do the campfire with smores, sing-along with Chip and Dale and Disney movie this night at the Fort Wilderness.

Day 5 -Epcot Le Cellier for dinner

Day 6 -Animal Kingdom Turfs Club (Saratoga Springs Resort) for dinner

Day 7 -Magic Kingdom Ohana! (at the Polynesian) for dinner, This was Ben and I's favorite last time and we are drooling thinking about going back.

Day 8 -pick a park day so we will pick a table service for this one that day

Day 9 -LEAVE :( BOOHOO depending on our flight time I have a credit to use for a table service we may use this day.

If you are planning on visiting Disney and are a great site to learn from and they even have menus of my above choices.


momaof4 said...

Can I come????

momaof4 said...

Is that price per day too? Not bad for the kids at all....or the adults too.

red-headed Wilson's said...

That is the price per day. SO for 38 I get a snack, a counter service- like a hamburger, fries and drink and a table service- entree, dessert and drink.

It ia a great price.