Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This last week I pulled out my dusty albums and realized the last pages I scrapbooked in Ethan's book was his first birthday. Well, as you may have read he just turned four. I am behind! So I sat down at the computer and ordered all the pictures I have taken and not bought yet. They came yesterday and lucky for me Ben took the kids to the pool last night giving me some time to pull stuff out. I soon realized something. I am out of practice! I just really had no idea where to start. I picked pictures of Ethan playing with trains in 2006 and then those same trains a few days ago in 2008. I am going to do a THEN and NOW but all I can come up with is that idea. And I wasn't really having fun. It just felt like something that needs to be done so that Ethan won't look back someday and wonder if his mommy loved him as much as his sister. As his sister has 2 full books. I have now learned that if you stop doing something for awhile, even things you once loved to do, it is hard to get back into it. I think that is the way it is with most things in life. For me it rings true of reading the Bible. When I get out of the habit it is hard to get back into it. Once I have it back as a habit I enjoy it again.

So I am hoping to get back into habit. Hopefully once a week I will stop and take time to scrapbook all the wonderful memories we have made. I have pictures from the beach, WDW, birthdays, Easter, cousins being born, snow days, kids playing in leaves, and the list goes on. But I want to someday hand these books over to my children. Wish me Luck!


momaof4 said...

Oh good luck girl!
I am waiting till they are all back into school....or to the age where they won't TOUCH it all! Hmmm, not sure what one will come first :)

Good Luck. I would love to do a weekend of scrapbooking...maybe in the winter? What do you think???

February Jill said...

At least you have scrapbooks. I have recently decided that keeping up with our photo albums is important and I'll be lucky to get that done!
I love how you seem to write something new every day! I feel like I'm keeping up with you better just by reading.

Amy said...

I just got out my stuff last night and did some stuff on Anna's book! I am so behind on Rylie's though! I'm only up to one month old on hers. I have to figure out which pictures I've already printed and which I haven't. If you guys do that weekend scrapbooking please let me know! I would love to do it!