Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday night

I love Thursdays nights. LOVE LOVE LOVE Them. First off it is Ben's sports night. Right now we are in softball season. So that means I get the kids to bed early these days and have a little bit of time to myself. Then two of my favorite shows are on. Grey's Anatomy and LOST! Last night Ben had a LATE game so I took a long shower and then gave myself a french pedicure and used ped egg. I love ped egg. It makes my feet so smooth. I used a face mask and then got in comfy pajamas for the last Grey's of the season, a 2 hour show. O, and it was good. Lots of lovin' and a few heart-wrenching patients. Ben made it home to watch the last hour with me. I like when he watches my favorite shows with me. That way I can have someone to talk to about it. :) He doesn't want Meredith back with Derek but I am a sucker for love working out.

Next week it will be 2 whole hours of LOST!

O, and the tooth fairy visited Alicia in the night. This is her/his 7th visit! Alicia was a bit disappointed this morning that it was a dollar bill and not a gold dollar. Seriously! Those gold dollars are just too heavy to fly with!

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momaof4 said...

tee hee, that made me laugh.

Got to love those last shows!!! Then your hanging on for the whole summer. It's nice to have a night along. I wish my hubby would watch my shows...but he makes to many comments :)