Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weeks of work

Well this is what we have been working on the last few weeks here at the Wilson house. We bought a play set at Costco (thankfully they had it at Costco because it makes it cheaper then online) and have been digging a hole and then filling that hole with cedar chips for it to sit on. Sounds easy huh? Well this took a lot of time. Finally yesterday evening the last cedar chip had been dumped and now we can move onto putting that play set together! What a process.
Also while in the midst of this project we had a landscaper come take a look at what we want done. Storey Landscaping will start working in our backyard come July! We will have some borders and flowers put in, NEW grass, a sitting area and a path from the playground to our garage backdoor. I am hoping to encourage the kids to go through there and then into our laundry room with their dirty clothes rather then the door that leads right into our carpeted living area!
The outside sitting area is going to go here:
They are going to take the dirt that Ben moved and put rocks around the edge with some stairs in the middle. I really wanted an area that set up from the rest of the yard and I am so glad that all Bens work will help make my dream! Then flagstone on top with ground cover in between. (The flagstone will be the same material for the path by the play set.) Ben and I are looking forward to this sitting area. We will get a little fire pit and some chairs and relax while the kids play! O, and Ben will finally finish the fence behind us. That white lattice above is where the vinyl fence will go!
I am so very excited. I cannot wait for August when everything should be done! We have lived here 5 years now and are finally getting to this. We figure if we ever want to sell our house this needs to be done!

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momaof4 said...

Our friend put together on of Costco's playset a few year back!! :) You should have seen his garage. He had all the pieces laid out all in catagories...craziness!!

Miss you.