Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alicia's First Awana Grand Prix

Alicia was able to race in her first Awana Grand Prix this year as a sparkie. In January we headed to my parents house and my dad built a beautiful car. Then Alicia and daddy spent the last 3 weeks painting it for the race tonight. The above picture is Alicia putting the primer on. This was very serious business.
We got to church and Alicia signed her car in and we went and found some seats. After what felt like a zillion races they called number 18. Finally, our turn. First race her car came in second out of 3 and the next race she came in third out of 4. This meant she was out. But she had a great time and she loved her car.

(In the picture this is the first race and her car is number 18. The red car with the black spoiler with the yellow stickers.)


momaof4 said...

Have we told you about Noah's first race...lets just say we missed it this year :)

WAY TO GO!! And supper cool car.

Duo Na said...

It took her and Ben 3 weeks to paint that little thing? Geez, guess we won't ask Ben for help if we ever have to paint something. Its a good thing he's good with numbers...not sure he could ever be successful in manual labor ;o)

shane.riddle said...

I remember racing those cars when we were little. Fun times...
Looking foward to seeing you guys next weekend.