Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This month I am spending time going through every cabinet, cupboard, nook and cranny and cleaning, organizing, and purging. Really what I am doing is tossing "stuff." Stuff I have kept thinking I will use someday. I want to have a cleaner more organized house. I have already put a few boxes of junk, I mean treasure, away for a garage sale. I also have the BIGGEST bag of garbage and I only went through our game area and two cabinets in the kitchen! I thought I would have a garage sale in the spring but now I am thinking a garage sale in February/March might be better. :) I am going to have to pace myself or I won't have enough room in the garbage can this week.


Anonymous said...

I would love to do a early yard sale with you!

Sarah A. said...

I am doing the same thing but only have one room down. Good Luck!

Matt said...

Along the same lines, I am trying make a cleaning schedule/plan and household binder. Do you know of any good sites or books to help me come up with a list of household chores and how often to do them. I have found some sites but nothing is quite what I want. Right now, I am reading what I can and will probably make a list of everything in my house I do, how often and go from there.