Sunday, January 9, 2011

on a hunt

This weekend was a bit out of the norm. We don't usually visit Ben's parents in Portland and we don't normally go house hunting .

yep, house hunting. We are looking for a house in Sublimity. Our realtor, Levi Wilson of Ned Baker Real Estate, has shown us a few houses. There are only a few houses to really look at. Not a lot for sale right now. But we have a couple on our possible list and are hoping some more go up for sale. It's fun to go through houses and see what we like or don't like. What we think is important and what we think is bad design. What we would pay for and what we think is not worth it to our family. We aren't in a huge rush so we can try to be patient but once I start something I become obsessed. Patience isn't really something I was born with. And we don't really want to be still looking when interest rates start to climb back up. We want to be locked into a great rate.

I have been trying to go through our stuff to prepare for an eventual move day. Thankfully for me, but not for them, my inlaws are out of town so I used their garbage can this last week. :) Which leads me to the other thing we did this weekend.

Almost every Sunday of my kids existence has been spent at the Wilson's house. But today and last Sunday they have been in Portland. Martha's mother had her lung removed and is still at the hospital. So last night we went up and saw the parents. Colleen could not have visitors because of a risk of virus' but we wanted to spend time with Gordon and Martha. We went out for dinner and saw where they have been staying the last few weeks. The kids were very happy to see them.

So it was a different weekend, but a weekend that might become more normal as the hunt continues. It has been 8ish years since we last looked at houses and so much has changed in what we want in a house. It's fun and I am thankful we have a patient realtor.


Duo Na said...

Thanks for the free advertising. ;)

I'm so happy for you guys and for this new move in your life. House hunting is fun and I know Levi will enjoy spending time with you guys and showing you new places. The best part, for you guys especially, is you know he won't try to sell you something he doesn't think will be right for you. Ben made me laugh when he said Levi should work on his marketing after Levi suggested the FSBO might be good for you.

Have fun and TRY to be patient in the whole process. God's timing is best and He'll lead you guys to the right house in the right time. LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

Matt said...

So excited for you guys. Praying God leads you to the right house at the right time! Also praying for patience for you during the process.

The Theisen Twosome said...

What! I didn't know you guys were looking or thinking of moving. Where have I been. Or is this a new decision. Well you will have to tell us all about it this weekend.

Smiles said...

Sounds crazy to me. My hubby is on the quest for a new (bigger) house. But I'm not ready yet :-( The problem is I like the area we are in right now, just want a little more space.
Good Luck!

KLB said...

Good luck! Daniel are dreaming of moving into a larger home.....a long time from now though. I'll be praying for some good finds.

Stephanie said...

Ooh, house hunting sounds like fun! I love walking through homes, and I hope something opens up for you. Interest rates are crazy low right now, so it's a great time to buy.

I'm trying to think if I've ever even been to Sublimity...I'm sure I must have, but I can't think of what it looks like right now.

And yay for getting rid of stuff. Have you seen "Hoarders"? Makes me want to throw away about half of all my belongings :)