Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year, new goals

This year I have made a few goals for myself. Not resolutions but goals. There are things I want to get done this year or things I want to work on.
One thing I want to do is not only stick to our budget but stay well under it so I can put the excess away in a savings--for fun things not in our budget.

One way to do this is to be much better about meal planning. I have created my January menu(and therefore grocery list). When I plan meals out and buy the ingredients needed beforehand I am more apt to go to the grocery store less and to not go out to eat when I can't think of something to make. I am also making sure that at least once a week I make something to put away in our freezer. I would like to have enough dinners put away so that we don't use our eating out budget--more for saving.

Another thing I started, and plan on continuing, is reading to my kids at bedtime. We all have been enjoying this time together. I know a lot of families already do this but it was never something my kids wanted. Now that they do I don't want this time to go to waste. I want them to remember when their mom read them classics as children.

I also am doing the Chronological Bible in a year. I am excited to try this. I have read the other Bible's-in-a-year but I have never read it in this way and it has been awhile too. It sounds very interesting to me.

There are a few other goals I have set and a few other plans we have made as a family but those are more personal. All this is to say I am excited about 2011. I think this is going to be a great year. A year of growth.

Now my questions to you. What do you plan to accomplish this year? What books do you suggest I read after the Narnia series to my kids? And what are some of your favorite dinners, I am always looking for new ideas.

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Alyssa said...

We are thinking along the same page for sure. I love that you make it "goals nit resolutions". Goals are attainable, but may take time. Resolutions are not always attainable, or are made out of a desperate attept to reach some goal that may not be realistic. Not always but that seems to be the case for most resolutions. The buget one, I am in agreement. Happy New Year to you Dee. And family.