Friday, January 28, 2011

no change

Some of you have been asking how the house hunting is going. We put an offer on a house and after some back and forth we have an agreement and are now in escrow. Now it is a waiting game. There hasn't been much change in the last week and they said today it will be a few more weeks before we hear more. They have to schedule an appraisal and the underwriting. We did have an inspection done this week and it got a great score. We are happy. I am trying not to get too excited. So many things can still go wrong. But I am looking at new bedding. Trying to figure out how I want to decorate our new bedroom, what colors to use, what feel we want. I have to tell myself to not get too excited, not be too disappointed if it doesn't work out. But it is a real charmer. I fell in love right away. But I do love my house now so I will be just fine if we have to try again on a different house. (gotta keep telling myself this.)


Matt said...

Still praying it all works out for you guys. Matt told Mike and Katie last night that you may be their new neighbors. They are very glad that you don't own a dog. lol

Duo Na said...

Levi said this place is perfect for you guys. He keeps telling me, "Donna you're going to LOVE their new house." He keeps building it up and now I can't wait to finally see it! :)