Thursday, December 15, 2011

can you guess what happened?



Here are some before and after pictures. You may think I just posted them in the wrong order. But no, the empty tree and ornaments on the floor are the after pictures. Can you guess what happened this morning? First time in our 11 marriage. Just happy no ornaments broke and our tree topper made it out okay. I Love that tree topper. We bought in Disneyworld and it would be irreplaceable.

Now I await Ben's return so the tree can be replaced in the stand. It needs to be straightened out some, haha that is an understatement. That should be a lot of fun.


KLB said...

Did it fall? What a bummer! I hope you all enjoy re-decorating it again. Another photo op for the season!

godizlife said...

glad nothing broke. i get to pick something out at disney for christmas. yippee one week