Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decorating for the first time

My sister has not seen our "new" house. Now I know we have lived here for 7ish months so it's not really new anymore but she moved to Germany when we moved and she hasn't even seen pictures of our place. When we were first looking at the house I was thinking it would be a great house for them to come stay at during the Holidays but alas that will have to be put off a few years.

Anyway, I am slowly getting our decorations up and thought I would let her see my Christmas Living Room and you all get a peek into my house along the way.

We have not bought window treatments for this room yet. We bought them for 3 rooms and the rest will just have to wait. The Christmas village on the mantel is the LEGO Holiday sets. They are mine and I put them together and then away after Christmas. The kids want to play with them but they know they are Momma's!

On a side note. Every year when I pull out my stocking holders I reminisce a bit. I loved this set. Was really happy when we decided we were done with kids so I could go get the 4 letter NOEL from target. Then not 9 months later I was pregnant. It wasn't a planned pregnancy and one of the first things I thought of was how I was going to have to go buy PEACE to have 5 letters. We ended up losing that pregnancy and NOEL stayed. I rarely think of that miscarriage. But every year when I pull these out I can't help but think of it.


godizlife said...

that is a good memory. i always remember buying the honda mini van when right after we lost baby. funny the things that stick . huh.
I have the same NOEL up with our stocking think we bought them together. lol. anyways thanks for picts. but.. your living room looks a lot like the old one. pic of kitchen, rooms halls stairs, dining. more picts

KLB said...

Its beautiful!
Did you put the houses together by yourself. I am always amazed at people who can operate Legos. I am not at all capable! LOL