Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Spirit

So yesterday was one of those days we will remember when our kids are grown. Just a great family day full of Christmas activities. We got up and headed down to the annual Christmas Bazaar. Now I could miss this and be fine but the kids love going. Bought some treats and the kids bought some cheap junk and then we headed home. After we got home we played for awhile and then Grammy met us at our house to go get our Christmas trees. There have been many many years of getting our tree with Grammy. A tradition that occasionally gets broken. Anyway, this year we had perfect weather to go tree hunting. Found our trees and then onto their homes they went. Ben put the lights on the house while we got our tree lights up. Then we watched the first part of Indiana Jones while Ethan put ornaments up. Not a very Christmassy movie but it was on and the kids enjoy Indy. After this on to the local movie theater where they were showing Polar Express. Finally we watched our Christmas movie for the day and then headed home to put on layers of clothes. It was freezing outside (also incredibly foggy) and there was to be a first annual light parade here in our small town. We walked down to the fire department and watched the parade and then walked to Panzanellies for some dinner take-out. Walked on home for dinner and hot chocolates and finished our Indiana Jones movie before a late bedtime.

Ben and I talked in bed about how this is the days that the kids will remember. Full of family fun. We also felt like it should be closer to Christmas. Feels like a day that should be done after school is out for the break. But we were not the ones who made the city's calendar.


Carrie said...

Hey there! If you walked to Panzenellie's then you're not too far from me! I sometimes go running around the park there - I'd love to have you join me sometime!

godizlife said...

sounds great. I have these kind of days, where we think the kids will remember it forever. And i hope we will. pictures help.