Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Girls Room

Ben and Ethan working on moving all the furniture over after the room was painted. Ethan enjoyed helping us while Alicia was at camp.

I Love the way Alicia's room turned out. Best of all, Alicia Loves the room as well!! The pictures don't do it justice. We are still looking for some kind of window treatment but other then that we have finally found everything we needed. It was a lot of work this week. She was very surprised to come home to her new room and was very happy indeed.

We did her room in grasshopper wing green with pink, white and a great blue accents. A couple of my favorite things aren't in the pictures. There was a big tote that wias polka dotted with the right shades of blue that she will use as a dirty clothes tote and then Target had some great white and blue containers for her closet. I am hoping she can keep her room clean since it is really clean right now.


momaof4 said...

I LOVE IT!!!! So cute!! Girls rooms are so fun to do....well, I do like the twins room too. They are just different :)

KLB said...

That is such a cute room! You guys have been busy with vacation and now trading spaces LOL