Thursday, July 15, 2010


So Ben and I have been married ALMOST 10 years. I cannot for the life of me think of any good gifts. Do you have any ideas? We also have no idea what we are doing for our anniversary. Pretty lame huh? :) We went on that road trip and are out of money now. So any ideas on a cheaper anniversary evening?

O, and if you read this blog and never post I am desperate enough to take ideas from strangers. :) Please post an idea, I am begging you all for HELP!


Duo Na said...

I so wish I had some ideas for you. But if you want someone to watch the kids we can! If you wanted something free & beautiful, maybe hiking Silver Falls or something??

God Made Playdough said...

What about a picnic at the beach?

The Theisen Twosome said...

Do you have any idea what your first date was or maybe the first really memorable date was? Have that date all over again. You could go to Astoria.