Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I love this day. If I had lots of money I think I could go overboard. I love pink and red and warm fuzzy movies. I love chocolates and flowers and being told "I love you." So this is a day I love.

Tonight I am making steak and potatoes with asparagus. Then the Alicia will head off to basketball practice and I will get ready for Ben and I to have chocolate fondue with goodies and a cheesecake sampler from Harry and David when they get back and Alicia is in bed. Yummy!!!!

I recorded P.S. I Love You and am picking up The Time Travelers Wife at redbox. I have seen both but Ben hasn't. This is the one day a year that he will watch a girly movie with me.

Three years ago I made red and pink paper chains and I saved them and they go back up each year. I have special white heart plates that I bought at Harry and David two years ago and I will hunt them down for their yearly visit. This day is made of traditions. This is a day to say I love you family-husband, kids. I love who I am with you. I love what you have made me. I love us!

Happy Valentines to you!

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God Made Playdough said...

Happy Valentine's! It is such a fun day! Love you!