Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration Feb 7.11

In the last week I have found so many things that I love for myself, things I like but won't use, or things I would love to try or buy.

So I am going to share them with you and share the sites that I found them at.

Centsational Girl traditional kids
First I love traveling. And my kids love maps. I think it is a great thing for kids to see maps, have easy access. This room is something I adore. Would love to do something similar someday.

From Living with Punks I found an item I will make some day. More specifically I will have someone make for me. hehe. I have an idea where I would like them to go and what I would like them to look like, but that will be another post.

Next from Crafty Sisters I found a mirror I would love to try and make someday. Not sure I will ever get to it but WOW.

Then I love about everything at 320 * Sycamore. The post I am linking is what first brought me to her blog. AMAZING.

Nursery contemporary kids
This room I love, I want to use some ideas for the kids.

I found the above decorated rooms at This site has an amazing amount of rooms that are decorated gorgeously. It lets you browse by style or room and see what you like and you can even ask questions about something in a room and people answer.

I want to share so much more so I will leave those for another post. There are some great blogs out there though with some women doing some amazing things for a great price. You should start checking them out and get inspired!

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