Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Last summer when Alicia was off at camp we redid her room. It was so much fun and it gave me the itch to start decorating other rooms.

Ben and I have been sleeping under spare blankets picked up here and there for the last few years. In the 10+ that we have been married we have never really liked our bedding. Blankets are too short, don't fit around us, too scratchy, feel lumpy, etc. Just a few days ago when I was talking about bed blankets Ben asked if they actually make blankets for beds. UUUMMM, yes. Just like at hotel rooms. It is so sad that I have led my husband to believe that beds all over the world are as mismatched as ours. We also have never painted our bedroom since the day we moved in. That was supposed to happen this summer. But when we started house hunting I started to dream about a grown-up, romantic room. Ben and I decided we like the look of hotel rooms. (We had our two week road trip this last summer and saw quite a few hotel beds) That is what led me to this bedding set.

So I picked out my bedding from and then I found parts of it on ebay. The duvet I got had a small rip, that she repaired, on the backside and brought the price from $169.00 retail to $59.99. That was well worth a small repair to me. No one will ever see it and I saved a bundle. The duvet and a flat sheet came today. I ordered the porcelain blue (which I thought would be a pale grayish blue) but it is more a seafoam green color. Thankfully when I was trying to decide what to do in our room this shade of green was on the shortlist or I would be very sad. I am still a bit disappointed but I know it will work fine with the accent colors, two different shades of brown, I plan on using.

I would like to try to add this also from but in a white linen not burlap:
and made by me. The tutorial is at this website.

Now I have to take a sham (the duvet owner threw in a sham that had been ruined as an extra) to the paint store and start thinking about what colors our walls will be. Whether it is this house or in a future house. Who knew decorating could be so much fun!


Matt said...

Love that bed set. I have been searching for a great one too. I bought a new one when we moved here and it didn't last long. Bought a new one at Macy's awhile back and neither of us like it much. It isn't big enough for the bed and we just don't like it. Glad you found a great one. Any news on the house yet?

KLB said...

Daniel and I are sleeping with a ripped up Target comforter! I am also ready for a bedroom up grade. We dont even have a bed frame or head board LOL. We are both hoping taxes will allow us to splurge on ourselves. We'll see though....still have a nursery to put together. I am so glad you are fixing up your room. It feels so much better going to sleep or relax in a room you feel good about. Love you lots!